Sonic CD file size too large for WiiWare

Sonic CD is coming to just about every digital platform available, other than the 3DS eShop and WiiWare. It's not clear why the 3DS won't be getting any Sonic CD action, but it has been confirmed that the WiiWare's file size limitation is the reason you won't be playing the game on Wii.

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battyschlaps1222493d ago

I will be happily playing this on my PC.

The Schlaps has spoken.

malol2493d ago

i hate what Sega did to Sonic
he used to be edgy ,cool ,smart and mario's arch Nemesis
now Sega turned it into Nintendo's/Mario's b!tch


Jack_DangerousIy2493d ago

Well.... That's one way to look at it.(the right ONLY way lol) The last Sonic game I loved(and my favorite) is SA2. But I love 'B' movies like The Evil Dead, so I guess the cheesy dialogue was right up my alley.... Plus... skating backwards down a highway? Yes please!.

Poor little hedgehog... :/

gumgum992492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

In what way does Nintendo own Sonic? Last I checked, the Mario and Sonic series was published by Sega, and both Generations, Colors, and this game were all done by Sega alone, so I'm a bit lost on how Sonic turned out to be Nintendo's "b**".

gosh, don't see why some people have to troll every sonic article and whine about nothing as if the series is doomed, when its far from such a fate.

xtheownerzx2493d ago

I wasnt planning on playing it for the 3DS anyway. This does suck for those that only have a 3DS as there only gaming device.

tiffac0082493d ago

Can't Ninty just raise there limit on the WiiWare or something?

Chrono2493d ago

Ninty advances very slowly.

vglulz2493d ago

I don't think the 3DS has the same restrictive file size limit, so they probably could raise their limit if they wanted to.

Garethvk2493d ago

The Wii was playing catchup from the start. They did well with the ease of use but over time it was clear it is vastly inferior to the other consoles and PCs.

SuperBeast8112493d ago

over time it was clear?id say right on launch day it was clear they were behind lol

Garethvk2493d ago

They had an edge with the motion control but as soon as people saw it was a gimmick and that there were so few good games that took advantage of it they were doomed. They made huge strides getting the elderly and non gamers in but any hardcore gamers were not maintained.

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The story is too old to be commented.