Feature: Are Mascots Dead?

Lens of Truth writes - "Video Game Mascots were really big in the early life of gaming. Mario is the poster boy for Nintendo like Mickey Mouse is for Disney. It seemed like every company had to have a mascot in the 80's and 90's but today, they seem to be lost."

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Tempjf2606d ago

This was a great read! Man I miss the classics.

Joe Bomb2606d ago

There still around, characters like Drake (or Kratos), Master Chief and Mario but that's about it.

Stealth2k2606d ago

and sonic, and zelda, and metroid, and sackboy, and racthet, ect

They still are prevelant

fluffydelusions2606d ago

Nintendo has Mario, Xbox has master chief, To me Sony's is crash :)

ThrazN72606d ago

Crash is sooooo 90's (I wish naughty dog can buy the rights back from activision)But for Sony it kratos or drake right now

Quagmire2605d ago

I would think its Sackboy, not kratos.

Sackboy appeals to all ages/demographics, Kratos only appeals to hormone-enraged teens

death2smoochie2606d ago

The only real mascots that even the average consumer or non gamer knows is Mario and maybe Donkey Kong.
The rest are mostly known by core gamers.

If you perform a basic quick poll on the street what video game character do they known, 9/10 will say Mario or Donkey Kong first before Master Chief, Sonic, Zelda etc.
Hell, my Wife's mother is in her late 60's and never played a video game in her life and she knows what Mario is LOL

chidori6662605d ago

they are dead since the era of 16 bits..

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