Silent Hill: HD Collection gets an elegant cover

Rely on Horror: "The Silent Hill: HD Collection may be getting some flack from fans due to its new voiceovers, but I think we can all agree that the revealed cover art is pretty damn nice."

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Istanbull1931d ago

Y u no PS3 exclusive??????

beautfiul cover btw

user8586211931d ago

y u care whether it exclusive or not???????????????????????????

great cover btw

MaxXAttaxX1930d ago

Cause they want more money. Why else.

BrightFalls761931d ago

Unfortunately the voice acting is anything but elegant. I'll pass.

Ser1931d ago

You act as if the original games had magnificent voice acting.

BrightFalls761931d ago

Not at all, I act as if they really messed up what was already a well established series because they were too stubborn to support the cast that made the original the hit that it was.

jc485731931d ago

or maybe the actor was asking for too much money?

BubbleSniper1931d ago

compared to these voice actors the originals sound like oscar winners.

NarooN1930d ago

How did they mess up the entire series by remastering two old-ass games and changing the voice acting? It's not even that big of a fucking deal, it's not like these characters were in every game of the series or anything. SH3 at least had actual good voice acting in it. SH4 was pretty cringe-worthy as well. Origins and onward had pretty good acting.

Alos881931d ago

Nice. I was expecting it to be just the two original covers put next to each other.

Quagmire1930d ago

Who knew Konami had it in them lol

Acquiescence1931d ago

Looks even more suave than Rico Suave, and Rico Suave was pretty darn suave.

Ethereal1931d ago

SICK! Probably will buy because of the art. I am a sucker for that crap.

Ethereal1931d ago

Yea I know. The voice overs are ehh, I am hoping they see the fans displeasure and add an option to choose which one they want.

tack1291930d ago

I'd wait for reviews, they will determine if the new VAs are REALLY that godawful or if the issue was actually overblown.

gaden_malak1930d ago

The original voices were god awful, it's not as if they are swapping the Three Tenors with Rebecca Black.

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The story is too old to be commented.