My Love/Hate Relationship with Valkyria Chronicles

Brock from GoozerNation details his tumultuous relationship with this beautiful strategy shooter.

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tiffac0082301d ago

I don't care if you love or hate it. I just want VC3 to be localized. Come on Sega! >.<

Inception2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

at least localize it for Vita

and SEGA, don't forget Yakuza Black Panther too

Xof2301d ago

Wow. What awful complaints.

"boohoo, I hate tanks!"
"boohoo, I hate lancers!"
"boohoo, I hate Selvaria!"

Way to completely miss the point of the game.

SeraphimBlade2301d ago

Tanks: Need that defense, otherwise a lancer could run around behind them even more easily. Also, lancers are practically immune to mortars. The point is to keep a character nearby to attack lancers near your tank.

Selvaria: she only appears once before you learn how to use smoke bombs, which render her useless until her next turn.

TruthbeTold2301d ago

Now that PSP games can be ported to PS3 I'm really hoping that VC2 and 3 make their way!

Xof2301d ago

They wouldn't really work on a console. The games are set up much differently. Basically, there are only a few animations, everything is accessed via a "hub," and the maps are VERY small. I'd say about 5% the size of VC1 maps, on average.

NYC_Gamer2301d ago

Should write an article about my love/hate relationship with my gf

knifefight2301d ago

I would read it.
It would also probably be better than this article.