5 Games I Loved That You Probably Hated

Sarcastic Gamer: "After reading my article on 5 games that I hate that you probably love, you may have thought I was an angry elf. Or maybe a pansy that is too much of a wuss to finish Demon’s Souls. In case you felt either of those things, may I present to you 5 games that I loved that you probably hated (or never played!)..."

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Kos-Mos2639d ago

Top 1 cheesy gaming site that needs your clicks is and that`s not an opinion, it`s a fact.

Prototype2639d ago

I want my 45 seconds of my life back after reading that article...

grailly2639d ago

come on, the article was exactly what you could expect from the title, why did you read it?

the quality of the article is arguable, though, it didn't even keep the same layout throughout. after number 2 the game titles weren't separated from the text and weren't in bulk. kinda bad.

Mrwidz2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

I remember long afternoons playing CoD3, looking at it's crappy graphics and listening to the bad sound effects... Oh how I miss it.

CanadianTurtle2639d ago

I love these articles. It really shows people's love for video games.

tiffac0082639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

I don't know... but I clicked too...

SageHonor2639d ago

Here are the games just in case you're skeptical about clicking

viva pinata
DJ Hero
Wii play

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The story is too old to be commented.