The Not So Horrifying Truth About Modern Survival Horror

I was saving something like this for Halloween, because that just makes sense. A diatribe about horror themed video games being written in October? Yes, that is what should happen. But damn man, after seeing Silent Hill: Book of Memories, these things must be said now. Video game industry, I just have to ask: why do you not want to scare us anymore?

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BuffMordecai2663d ago

The only recent survival horror game that is actually scary is Amnesia.

Miiikeyyy2663d ago

I'd love to get scared by games! But the sad truth is, it just isn't possible anymore. Games aren't even scary. But that's not the devs fault, It's the gamers problems. We're just used to scary stuff now, especially as we age.

I see scary shit all the time in my house and it creeps me out but doesn't scare me.
Like seeing the shape of a small child in the corner of the bathroom when I went to take a piss at night. Or seeing something go behind the corner of my dark hallway. Lately, there's always something creepy happenining at night now.
Why should I be scared of a game, When there's scarier stuff in my own house XD

xf2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

@ BuffMordecai
I forgot all about that game.

Denethor_II2663d ago

Siren Blood Curse has obviously never graced you console. But ye Amnesia was scary.

Venox20082663d ago

and Fatal frame IV ..(great game)

zerocrossing2663d ago

Hardly anyone got chance to play that game thanks to Nintendo which sucks!, people have no idea what they are missing out on.

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palaeomerus2663d ago

Most old Survival Horror wasn't particularly scary either. In fact it bordered on being ridiculous comedy. It was just frustrating due to the fixed cameras and the poor controls.

BrightFalls762663d ago

I've enjoyed early Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Fatal Frame games but I can't say I've ever been scared by a video game. Well, with the exception of how crappy the Resistance series is I guess;p