The GigaBoots team counts some bodies in this Quick Play of Bodycount, the spiritual successor to Black.

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finbars752640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

One of the worst quick plays yet.Maybe if they took the game serious enough then It might of been fun.They definatley play a lot mre RPGs to me because know one plays a fps like that.No offense you guys where terrible.It was so hard to watch and listen to guys that have no experience in the gaming world like that.The demo was an old build but you guys must of knew that or how the graphics don't make games great but the person playing it.But why bother saying anything in here since you guys are professional gamers with serious videos on upcoming games.

Danji2640d ago

I don't own any RPG's this gen and platinum'd MW2 so...I mean, we aren't as negative as you make it seem. The game isn't a looker but it is interesting. I'm interested in trying it out more. If you're upset because I said it was low-res then just deal with it.

Tikicobra2640d ago

The controls in this game are awful. I barely finished the demo.

Jdub895O2639d ago

yes this game is terrible.I had to say it.Nothing good about either.