PSFocus: Jack Thompson is a hero

PSFocus writes: He supposed to be the number one enemy of violent videogames and the biggest hater of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The truth is that Jack Thompson is a hero.

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andron2662d ago

Pah.. Jacky is no hero, he's a demented fool. Even the courts think so since he got disbarred...

Jormungandr2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

oh my god... seriously? A jack Thompson apologist. Just checking but does any one see any swastikas on this website that I'm missing?

Holy effin Jesus on a stick! I guess we should call Mengele (the guy who experimented on auschwitz prisoners and discovered roughly half of modern medicine doing it) and Hitler (who resurrected Germany from financial death... and well... every one knows the rest) heroes too while we're at it.

And f*ck Godwin's Law... this is one case where the nazi analogy is dead on. Cause that's what Jack Thompson is... a fascist pig that thinks the end justifies the means... that trampling of constitutional freedoms is OK so long as it's "for the children." And this is coming out of the Netherlands? The same Netherlands that's supposed to have better human rights policies than the US? There aren't enough expletives in english and dutch combined to express what I think of that right now.

Bottom line... just because some one succeeded at accomplishing a noble goal doesn't make them a hero... ESPECIALLY when they were attempting to do it at the expense of everyone including the people they claim to be helping.

I'm gonna go cry for the future of humanity now.

andron2662d ago

Yeah his agenda for making video games out as killing training simulators, and misrepresenting the content of many games makes him one of the worst things to happen to video gaming.

I'm all for keeping mature rated games out of small children's hands, but Jack has only succeed in showing the world how not to go about it...