7 Features that make a Perfect Role playing game

Through decades of evolution and variation there are definitely 7 common things in a Japanese style role playing game that have won hearts of millions of Rpg fanatics from times memorial.
These are the 7 things that any Jrpg should possess.

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ps4me2670d ago


Throw in Open world Environments,NPCs,80+ hours of Gameplay with Turn based Combat and Im sold.

Tanir2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

um doesn't have to be turn based,

star ocean and tales game prove that lol, but turn based is still fun ofcourse.

ffVersus is gonna be epic, long game, story looks great, huge open world, action packed gameplay, awesomeness.

Edit at AllroundGamer

sooo you clicked disagree because i said that games like star ocean and tales are awesome too?

someone musta never played one of those games -_- lol

3GenGames2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Turn based are probably my favorite, but any RPG battle system, can make an amazing game in the end.

Crystalis for the NES is one of the best RPG's ever, check it out because I know 99% haven't ever played it. Pier Solar is also one of the best too, it was just released for Genesis last year. Check that one out too. Some of the best games ever produced. Both have different systems, but both games were done right and just shows preference can be thrown away if they did it right.

NukaCola2670d ago

I would love to see Chrono Trigger's unique battle system used in a game. I loved Turned-Based, Real Time Action, and even Shooter-Based... The biggest gripe for me is when RPGs feel too linear. I love exploring the world and getting out there, tons of things to break up the pacing. That is why I loved FF VII, you had the game, but there were RTS elements, racing, puzzle solving, hidden secrets everywhere, excelent camera angles, snowboarding, and the entire atmosphere was breathetaking.

CaptainMarvelQ82670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Actually,i love Action based rpg's more.Believe it or not but the game that got me into rpg's was Kingdom hearts(action rpg) it was fun as hell.I remember playing Pokemon back in the day,it was a fun turn based rpg but it did't get me to try out other rpg games and explore the genre,but Kingdom hearts did.

I mean every pendejo who loves turn based is entitled to his opinion,but still;action rpg is better imo

chriski3332670d ago

All I need is deus ex human revolution

Tony P2670d ago

They devs are creative people. They don't have to have any of these.

What I want out of a JRPG is what I want out of any game- an honest effort- no more and no less.

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shreeveera2670d ago

I want Epic Battle system,Lots of playable characters and hot chicks.

mindedone2670d ago

I want more secret characters, thank you

Tuxedo_Mask2670d ago

Pretty good article, although I disagree that the M rating hurt the Persona series. Also, in Persona 4 they don't shoot themselves in the head with their evokers, they use cards to summon their Persona instead.

BrightFalls762670d ago

1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Final Fantasy VII
3. Final Fantasy VII
4. Final Fantasy VII
5. Final Fantasy VII
6. Final Fantasy VII
7. Final Fantasy VII

Peaceful_Jelly2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

***Some >>>SPOILERS Below***

godly FFVII had a love triangle, sudden death of a main character, lots of fun side-quests, a badass villain and it did other stuff like: when Cloud fell into the life stream and came out with his mind broken and then Tifa became the leader and then she abandoned the team too to take care of him in a little clinic on a village.

Man I played this game for the first time after beating FFXIII and man, I couldn't believe how good it was. I was very cautious because of the haters but now I know they hate on it just because it is as great as the fans say. FFVII is an experience.

Tanir2670d ago

very true jelly, its odd how people hate on things just cuz they are great, ff7 is timeless (besides the blocky graphics) one of the best casts in a gaming series, and story was just awesome, and the materia system!!! so deep

if u haven't tried this, link quadra magic to master summon, then cast W-summon

it casts all summons in the game 8 times at once, takes for ever but its an awesome trick i found lol.

also you should try Valkyrie Profile for the ps1 or the port Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth on the psp. amazing game, 3 endings, true ending is so hard to get but the story changes so much half way aslong as you follow that path, along with character you cant get if you recruit certain other characters, giving more replayability

Grip2670d ago

why in hell someone Disagree with the FACT ??

Cpt_kitten2670d ago

persona 3 alone is better than ff7

gotta love the SMT series

tiffac0082670d ago

I love Persona as much as the rest of you guys but there is just no denying that FFVII had a huge effect on the industry and you just can't take that away.

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