Battlefield 3 and Clothing come together?

the up and coming FPS Battlefield 3 is having a new turn in clothing,A company called DNR Clothing is made a great Online ad with battlefield as there theme. Looks great

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rattletop2637d ago

nah. doesn't look like it.

Detoxx2637d ago

ow yeah! playin battlefield 3 with my bf3 shirt and mw3 underwear while farting on it

VIDS4F12637d ago

Doesn't look like it? We used the trailer for bf3? how could it not look like it? lol

sprayNpray2637d ago

None of the clothing actually looks like it has anything to do with bf3. All you did was steal the music from the bf3 trailer for your MMA clothing...

How does this shit get approved?