Battlefield 3 General Manager: DLC Packs Up Our Sleeves + Co-Op Has Random Changes

In a recent interview with DICE General Manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson, by GameReactor, it has been confirmed DICE has un-announced downloadable content up their sleeves. Karl goes onto say they will be using community feedback to determine exactly what the DLC will contain. DICE wants to ‘revitalize the community’ with post-launch content.

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Philoctetes2639d ago

I hope they do a better job with DLC than they did for BC2. Months and months of the same maps only with different modes ("Oh boy -- now I can play squad DM on yet another map that I'm already burned out on.") doesn't cut it.

When they finally got around to making actual new maps, a lot of people had already moved on. Which was a shame because they were actually really good.

Dart892639d ago

I agree and they should give us more co-op missions as dlc.

I think my life is gonna end after this game releases :P.

chak_2639d ago

I made a 5 month break, because of content lacking. Now I'm back, and I'm having a lot of fun with my playmates.

500H+ and counting, it's so much fun ^^

Hufandpuf2639d ago

I bought it first day and plyed it forever. Then it broke in a couple months and I'm glad it did because when I bought it again, I had a LOT of fun with new maps and Vietnam.

chak_2639d ago

I hope they give maps for free, I don't want the community to be splited, or server rejecting peoples because of map rotations.

They can charge for whatever they want, but not maps !

Anti-Fanboyer2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

People who buy the game used won't be able to play online without the code that comes with the original purchaser.

This is far more restrictive than the BFBC2's VIP membership which allowed used versions of the game to play online but with limited maps. They only reward those who purchase official copies. Used gamers, have no say- they do not pay EA or DICE, they pay GAMESTOP.

Chances are there will be 'some' free maps incoming similar to BFBC2, to reward those who actually purchased the official price, not used.

Obviously I think they will charge for similar stuff they did for BC2, like "Short-cut" kits and SPEC ACTs skins, as well as large expansion packs like Vietnam.

Keep in mind that "Back to Karkand" will only be available to those who pre-order, and will be available for purchase a month after launch.

AKA2639d ago

because of blind people like you we keep getting f#$% over and over again...
if a used copy is been on sale its because that copy did already its goal of been sold if someone else buy it or trade it, means notting since that copy was already sold like a new game.

dlc should be free i'm tired of paying for dlc and nobody plays them after the first few days...

even free dlc maps in socom 4 have nobody playing them since its only free for the first owners that preorder the game..
same happen to medal of honor..

dlc should just be there free and to keep happy and make strong the community..

the idea of saying we want to reward our first buyers is a stupid scam, since they shooting themselves in the food and giving us a poor experience anc just making a mess...

only dlc for extra campaign missions should be saled since it does not affect the online community and experience...

plus i'm sure that a happy community will support offline or co op dlc since they are happy with the game in general...

admiralthrawn872639d ago

or you could put the dlc into the game. you know...not rip us off

Ultra Gamer2639d ago

If there's DLC I want it to be full blown expansions and not little map packs unless it's free. IF they release an expansion with 4-5 new maps, new weapons, vehicles, and maybe new skins then I'd be willing to pay $15 for it. I'm sick of hearing devs say they're planning DLC before the game is even out. They're basically admitting to holding back content just to charge us later for it.