Top 5 International Locations That Grand Theft Auto V Should Take Us

GIR's Choch writes: Is it just me or does GTA need a change of scenery? Liberty City has been the staple city for Grand Theft Auto and I guess 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. But that’s one thing fans of the game look forward to, where the next game will take place. I remember when Rockstar announced San Andreas saying, "Where the hell is that?" The game however did not disappoint. I would love for Rockstar to re-visit San Andreas but I think they could go…bigger. I know it sounds crazy and un-realistic but why not go International? I don't care if it takes five years, ten, whatever the wait, it would be worth it.

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Yi-Long2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

... the best international city to use for GTA, would be Hong Kong.

- It has 3 or 4 quite distinctive districts/areas. There are bridges and tunnels connecting all of them.

- It has a very international and diverse community.

- It has great pop-culture to use and make fun of.

- It has the perfect blend of new and old. Modern architecture against poor old ghetto's. And it has LOTS of nature, with forests and mountains and islands and sea and such.

- It has triads, gangs, white-collar crime, you can use overseas criminals, you can people-smugglers, mainland criminals, etc.

- You can have different styles of martial arts to learn for your character and such.

- It can be a massive playground as well, with so many mountains and so much water and nature and high buildings, etc etc.

I've been to Hong Kong a bunch of times, and everytime I'm there, I'm just amazed that there hasn't really been a GTA-type of game made using the city as it's playing ground.

I know True Crime HK is being made and will still be coming out, but that didn't look very good. It didn't look or feel like Hong Kong AT ALL, but more like a Hollywood-set of Chinatown or something, plus it was supposedly modelled mainly after HK Island, which isn't the most interesting part of HK.

agentxk2606d ago

That would be pretty awesome.

FACTUAL evidence2606d ago

Sorry GTA fans, but R* only likes American regional areas.

kudakadere2606d ago

Dream on if you ever want it to be anywhere near China , they don't even allow major games consoles there , never mind an 18 rated game where you kill it's on people . Same with Sydney , Gt5 may never see a release date there as Australia is also strict on violent games .

Hairy Chewie2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

@kudakadere Australia isn't that bad, last game I think to be disallowed was Mortal Kombat. Most major games tone down blood splatter/gore if it doesn't look like they'll get clearence. It's never stopped me from getting any game I've wanted.

DeadIIIRed2605d ago

Sucks to live in a place like that

the_best_player2606d ago

GTA5 that's next gen, it will be "GTA Name"

ATi_Elite2606d ago

1. Mexico City, Mexico....where it's GTA for real everyday!
2. Rio De Janeiro, word "Carnival"
3. London, England......After every Soccer match it's pretty much GTA anyway (but it was used in the Getaway)
4. Moscow, Russia...... Vodka and Russian Mafia!
5. Cairo, Egypt......
6. Tokyo, Japan.....Ichiban Yakuza
7. Shanghai, China 17 million people to run over!
8. Bangkok, Thailand....they have like no laws anyway
9. Toronto, Canada
10 Johannesburg, South Africa

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Pikajew2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Nice to see it take place in Montreal.

More than one language
Lots of gangs
Big island
Kill some hipsters
Able to get place fast on the metro
Big landmarks
New food
War against the English and French

NukaCola2606d ago

I would say Detroit in the year 2002 during Christmas. Here's why:

The northern area hasn't been explored.
Snow would be an awesome effect to implement.
The stereotype cultures: Arab and Canadians.
Hockey is popular there, and we could drive a zamboni over people maybe.
The events of 9-11 could be talked about. I think we could handle it now.
_____________________________ ________________________

If we could go the 70's route, I would love to see Pam Grier voice a foxy women. Blaxpoitation, grindhouse effect the whole game, drugs, pimps, pornstars,....all getting killed by this superfly chick..Not a cop game, not a criminal game...but a vigilante woman on the hunt for the a man who killed her family or soemthing like that.
_____________________________ ________________________

Last thought wasa serial killer game. I wouldnt know how it would go down, but to be in the 50s in small town illinois or something killing people, that would be cool. Maybe a Devil's Rejects kind of game. Not really a GTA style but something Rockstar could look into.

ATi_Elite2606d ago

those are some great ideas!

Vice City was pretty much the 70's route but they should of had Pam Grier

xX_Altair_Xx2606d ago

Glasgow or Edinburgh :) After all R*N are based there.

BrightFalls762606d ago

I enjoyed GTA3 at the time but have not been a fan of the series since. A big reason is that I'm not a fan of rap/ghetto/rasta culture in the least which the games have featured too heavily. I can't stand ebonics is real life and don't want it in my entertainment.

Xenial2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


Imikida2606d ago

Is it just me or was that comment a little racist.

Xenial2606d ago

Yeah, seemed racist to me too, that is why i said "whatever".

marioPSUC2606d ago

It'd be interesting to see if they go back to Vice city or San Andreas, I think with Vice city, they'd maybe add an island or revamp is like Liberty City was.

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