GameStop Issues Apology, Freebies for Deus Ex Flub

After landing themselves in hot water yet again this week with the fiasco surrounding removal of OnLive download codes from PC copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, retailer GameStop issued both an apology and some freebies to win back customers.

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kurochi2668d ago

haven't shopped there in years and I still won't shop there after this. Getting games online w/ day-one delivery is great. This company really screws with the average customer and they're not getting any of my money.

wumster2668d ago

And the thing is, it's not about the gamers, it's about money. I know a businesses are in it for monetary gain, but we are gamers, a different type of consumer.

We want to feel like we are part of a community, and in that community, we take care of each other. Even though we have our system or systems of preference, in the end we are a really tight-nit community.

Those codes were put in there to give gamers more for there money, and ShameStop see's this as competition to their retail store and not a bonus for gamers.

I have stop shopping their for this reason and various other reason as well.

soundslike2668d ago

various other reasons like:
Clerk taking waaaaaay to much time attending a first time shopper mom with her 5 year old kids who will never come back again, and can't decide if they want the plus program, or the warranty, or the pre-orders, etc.


BeOneWithTheGun2668d ago

As much as I hate them that is a pretty sweet deal. $50 gift card? That just about covers the cost of a game. If you do not have one of the AAA title coming out in the next couple months, there is your pre-order.

BattleAxe2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I only trade old games in here for PS3 exclusives that are not downloadable from the PSN. Digital Downloads make up 95% of my purchases now, whether its from the Playstation Store or Steam. Since I've gotten rid of most games that I want to trade in, i won't be needing GameStops services for much longer.

Deios2668d ago

Is still a great place to find some old used ps2,xbox etc. games for dirt cheap.

Biggest2668d ago

I agree. Can catch most PS2/Xbox games for $2-$10 right now.

iliimaster2668d ago

i hate shopping there but they ate up most of the competition about 90 percent where im from

DaTruth2668d ago

There's not even another Videogame store in Canada! You simply can't get a good selection of old or used games at big box stores!

gamer78042668d ago

I know there is alot of gamestop hate around here. But that is a phenomenal deal and apology they are offering to customers for themselves and square enix bungling the distribution of deus ex.

kurochi2668d ago

I agree that it is, but GameStop will do what they did again (Deus Ex incident) at some later date with another release. I can guarantee you that. Giving me freebies w/o changing their ways isn't right and I don't condone it.

gamer78042668d ago

Removing the coupons i agree wasn't right, the realize this now, they've already changed their policy. They will be sending the entire game back to the distributor for subsequent releases should a similar breach of contract arise.

MAULxx2668d ago

Until RIPstop changes most of their buisness habits I'm not buying there.

Yes, I do have bitterness toward RIPstop. It's not just this one incident. This is typical of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.