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DmC Wallpapers in HD

GR - "DmC Wallpapers | Devil May Cry 5 wallpapers are available for 1080p HD and 720p HD resolutions and are best suited for Desktops, ps3 backgrounds wide-screen displays, laptops, iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch." (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

chidori666   1435d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
zerocrossing  +   1434d ago
Oh god please... Just no.

Can anyone else see the GoW influence? Seeing what they've done to Dante is actually making me physically sick.
kanetheking  +   1434d ago
there is no god of war influence in these pic more like devils and angles you know the red said and white side of the rock flying up in the air.

most have never played god of war to think it looks like that
zerocrossing  +   1434d ago
The god of war influence I'm referring to is the half naked girls "Angels" falling all over the abomination Capcom and NT are calling Dante.
kanetheking  +   1434d ago
so half naked girls means god of war?most angels are nude cos they meant to mean pure and all that crap lots of art had nude angels so is that copying god of war was not the first thing to show tits
zerocrossing  +   1434d ago
Capcom have stated numerous times how they want DmC to have the same success and recognition as GoW, what better way to do that than turning the franchise into a GoW clone? Also other than GoW I cant think of too many games that had half naked women sprawled of the main character, this is too much to be just a simple coincidence.

Anyway that's not the point, this is not DmC and never will be. There's a good reason why many of the fans loved the original DMC franchise, and there's also a good reason why most of those fans hate this reboot.
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kanetheking  +   1434d ago
it's just concept art will it even be in the game.i would be more upset over the gameplay that was shown then a concept art.in the end i don't think both of us are even going to buy the game
zerocrossing  +   1434d ago
Yeah I agree with your last comment, sorry Im just really annoyed with Capcom and NT and what they've done to DMC and Dante. I really don't understand the need for the reboot... Im not against a reboot, but I think they could have done a better job at it, I'll give the game a chance but I'll probably rent or just play the demo, I don't want Capcom or NT getting any of my money for this game lol.
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kanetheking  +   1433d ago
ahh i don't mind you geting pist
mcnablejr  +   1434d ago
insurance policy crustacean.
KingSlayer  +   1434d ago
The Angel wallpaper is nice. I like how he has his hand pointed like a gun towards the one directly looking up at him.

Regarding the game, I'm willing to give it benefit of the doubt. Dante is/was a badass character that Capcom never really got in the same spotlight as RE. Ninja Theory is not a shit dev and with Capcom still maintaining creative control, there is no reason to run around like the sky is falling.
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Quagmire  +   1434d ago
Well said. People are causing much fuss over nothing really.

I dont see where complaining really gets you? Asking capcom to cancel this is pointless as it wont happen. And if you dont like it, then dont buy it, or simply play the previous 4 games.
Paradicia  +   1434d ago
Whatever the haters say, the artwork of Dante and the angels sitting around him is just a beautiful piece of art. Mad respect to the artist.
Tanir  +   1434d ago
people don't respect art because they don't understand art,

i myself am an artist (I painted my avatar)

even if the dante looks nothing like dante and is a fail, the artist did an amazing job painting this, from the angels to the colors, even the wanna be dante, all extremelly well done, I wish i knew who the artist was so i could check more of his stuff
zerocrossing  +   1434d ago
I agree the art is amazing, but Id probably like it more if it wasn't depicting the downfall of one of my favourite franchises...

If NT and Capcom get away with this terrible reboot and redesign of Dante then that's it, Game over man GAME OVER!
Tony-Red-Grave  +   1434d ago
true that art is beautiful, even if i felt like punching dante in the angels one. aside from the face though the body and clothing still reminds me dante.
Tanir  +   1434d ago
this is true lol, wanna be dante does ruin the pic a bit, and i pray they dont keep this dante,

lmao imagine dlc for Ultimate MVC being dante in this form, it would be the least boat dlc in all history lmao
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JohnApocalypse  +   1434d ago
I really like this artwork. The new character design still looks stupid though
Eamon  +   1434d ago
Do not want.
Tony-Red-Grave  +   1434d ago

-do not buy
-do not rent
-do not follow
-do not comment

theres planty o games releasing.
VileAndVicious  +   1434d ago
Eamon  +   1434d ago
I will not buy or rent.

But everyone has a right to follow or comment.
newleaf  +   1434d ago
They updated his look. Less douchebag looking. Hair style looks less...can't put my finger on it but it is different from last year.
tiffac008  +   1433d ago
Yeah now its either he looks like a drug addict with this mug shot:


or he looks like this:


Either way they both fail in comparison to the original.
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Vinushka  +   1434d ago
I like the art. I don't like this new Dante. I'm not going to sit here and cry how it's not the same, because that should be pretty obvious. I HATED this new DMC when I first seen the trailer last year, but I've accepted the fact that this is a reboot and that bitching is just a waste of time.

Everybody here seems to be thinking that the DMC games were amazing before this. Well, no, sorry. DMC 2 & 4 were both pretty crap. Only 1 & 3 were any good (the 3rd being absolutely amazing). So please, shut up.

And yes, I am a fan. I've been a fan for years. I even bought the original Devil May Cry back when it first came out because of how awesome Dante looked on the cover, and I was hooked ever since.

Sorry, I kinda got carried away. I just got irritated by the fans saying the art sucks because it's the new DMC and it looks God of War-like (which I don't see).

I will be picking up this game. Why? I want to see what they have done to the game. Plus, I actually LIKED Enslaved (which seems to be a taboo around here), so I'd like to try this. Didn't like Heavenly Sword all that much, though.

Don't know if this was a rant, but it's over. Hooray.
jc48573  +   1434d ago
Yea, it's pretty much a waste of time to argue. I also liked Enslaved despite the flaws. I also didn't like Heavenly Sword all that much either mainly because of the voice acting which I found a bit over dramatic to the ears. I've also decided to check on this game if I have the money that is. I just want to give a message to everybody that the gaming industry is slowly killing itself with too many FPS games. We need more variety and consumers must accept different genres. It's rare to find a company in the West to develop action games such as this. Even Western developers are dying to do so, but all consumers want is Call of Duty.
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VileAndVicious  +   1434d ago
Agree with you 100%
Bubble For you
jc48573  +   1434d ago
I guess the whole plan is to create a new line for Devil May Cry. This is like what Crystal Dynamics is doing with Tomb Raider. To be honest, they should've picked a different name or title for this game in order to avoid any confusion. This is actually a reboot like they've claimed and not really a prequel, but a restart with new storyline. You see, the "culture" or influence behind the game worries me a bit as it could affect the way the story is told. It's not that I'm afraid to see some English influence in this game if they're only using it as a backdrop, but I hope they keep it to an acceptable level where it doesn't get in the way of the story.
mieko  +   1434d ago
The art and detail is quite beautiful. There's no dispute about that. Dante however, not so much. His new design is atrocious, and I may be wrong for saying this, but Im actually looking forward to ninja theory's failure.
MaideninBlack  +   1434d ago
The art reminds me of how they've completely ruined Devil May Cry in my eyes and why I will never waste a penny on this garbage when it's released.

Long live Kamiya-san's Devil May Cry!

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DragonKnight  +   1434d ago
This is so gay Richard Simmons even wants it toned town.
hunter21  +   1434d ago
artwork concept looks cool but the character looks gay seriously.
bangoskank  +   1434d ago
I feel as though Capcom are completely ignoring the fact that fans hate the new Dante. They just keep adding insult to injury.
turgore  +   1434d ago
thanks. the second one is beautiful.
And for the haters: suck my nads. Give the game a chance- it may be good.
Ps3thebest   1434d ago | Spam
TheMutator  +   1434d ago
just fucking disgusting!!!
Happythedog  +   1434d ago
If the games was 60 fps I would buy it. I know they said it has "60 fps feel" but, come on that is bs. I can see it isn't a 60 fps from the gameplay.
rocky047586  +   1433d ago
I very seriously doubt that most of you have the eye to tell the difference between 30 and 60fps to be honest. Especially with the little gameplay that they showed, it doesn't look any slower than DMC4 or any other DMC right now. You'd have to really get into the action and have both the 30 and 60fps games right there in front of you to see the difference.
Armsgraph  +   1434d ago
i dont agree with what the have done to dante in fact i think he could look 20 times better, but im gonna buy this game because i know when it comes out im gonna be bored and thats why we started playing video games anyway cause we all had nothing better to do.
Jappy-k7  +   1433d ago
looks gay

do not want.

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