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GR - "DmC Wallpapers | Devil May Cry 5 wallpapers are available for 1080p HD and 720p HD resolutions and are best suited for Desktops, ps3 backgrounds wide-screen displays, laptops, iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch."

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chidori6662665d ago ShowReplies(1)
zerocrossing2665d ago

Oh god please... Just no.

Can anyone else see the GoW influence? Seeing what they've done to Dante is actually making me physically sick.

kanetheking2664d ago

there is no god of war influence in these pic more like devils and angles you know the red said and white side of the rock flying up in the air.

most have never played god of war to think it looks like that

zerocrossing2664d ago

The god of war influence I'm referring to is the half naked girls "Angels" falling all over the abomination Capcom and NT are calling Dante.

kanetheking2664d ago

so half naked girls means god of war?most angels are nude cos they meant to mean pure and all that crap lots of art had nude angels so is that copying god of war was not the first thing to show tits

zerocrossing2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Capcom have stated numerous times how they want DmC to have the same success and recognition as GoW, what better way to do that than turning the franchise into a GoW clone? Also other than GoW I cant think of too many games that had half naked women sprawled of the main character, this is too much to be just a simple coincidence.

Anyway that's not the point, this is not DmC and never will be. There's a good reason why many of the fans loved the original DMC franchise, and there's also a good reason why most of those fans hate this reboot.

kanetheking2664d ago

it's just concept art will it even be in the game.i would be more upset over the gameplay that was shown then a concept the end i don't think both of us are even going to buy the game

zerocrossing2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yeah I agree with your last comment, sorry Im just really annoyed with Capcom and NT and what they've done to DMC and Dante. I really don't understand the need for the reboot... Im not against a reboot, but I think they could have done a better job at it, I'll give the game a chance but I'll probably rent or just play the demo, I don't want Capcom or NT getting any of my money for this game lol.

kanetheking2663d ago

ahh i don't mind you geting pist

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mcnablejr2664d ago

insurance policy crustacean.

KingSlayer2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

The Angel wallpaper is nice. I like how he has his hand pointed like a gun towards the one directly looking up at him.

Regarding the game, I'm willing to give it benefit of the doubt. Dante is/was a badass character that Capcom never really got in the same spotlight as RE. Ninja Theory is not a shit dev and with Capcom still maintaining creative control, there is no reason to run around like the sky is falling.

Quagmire2664d ago

Well said. People are causing much fuss over nothing really.

I dont see where complaining really gets you? Asking capcom to cancel this is pointless as it wont happen. And if you dont like it, then dont buy it, or simply play the previous 4 games.

Paradicia2664d ago

Whatever the haters say, the artwork of Dante and the angels sitting around him is just a beautiful piece of art. Mad respect to the artist.

Tanir2664d ago

people don't respect art because they don't understand art,

i myself am an artist (I painted my avatar)

even if the dante looks nothing like dante and is a fail, the artist did an amazing job painting this, from the angels to the colors, even the wanna be dante, all extremelly well done, I wish i knew who the artist was so i could check more of his stuff

zerocrossing2664d ago

I agree the art is amazing, but Id probably like it more if it wasn't depicting the downfall of one of my favourite franchises...

If NT and Capcom get away with this terrible reboot and redesign of Dante then that's it, Game over man GAME OVER!

Tony-Red-Grave2664d ago

true that art is beautiful, even if i felt like punching dante in the angels one. aside from the face though the body and clothing still reminds me dante.

Tanir2664d ago

this is true lol, wanna be dante does ruin the pic a bit, and i pray they dont keep this dante,

lmao imagine dlc for Ultimate MVC being dante in this form, it would be the least boat dlc in all history lmao

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