Leaked Minecraft 1.8 Footage From Pax HD

Here is some brand new footage of the minecraft 1.8 update :D Enjoy!

Shouts out to Tom Huber for posting this footage I cant wait :D

Follow him here:!/Prota...

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xtremexx2546d ago

The Enderman is soooo damn creepy

vgamersHD2546d ago

yep they teleport too which is gonna be worse haha!

Pikajew2546d ago

They will have tables :)

CrimsonEngage2546d ago

Enderman look good but i'll still fear Creepers the most. The Enderman seem like they die easily.

WillGuitarGuy2545d ago

Wow, 1.8 is going to be the biggest minecraft update to date from the looks of it.