PAX Footage Of Lollipop Chainsaw

Some new footage has come from PAX that shows us the bizarre game that follows a Californian Cheerleader with a chainsaw that kills zombies, can't get more bizarre than that, right?

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Cajun Chicken2639d ago

Ha, looks utterly brilliant. Almost a spiritual sequel to the No More Heroes franchise.

Venox20082639d ago

this game is really a WIN! It plays like No more heroes, but will better combat and overall it looks very fun + ZOMBIES!!! :)

BrightFalls762639d ago

Was thinking the same thing, very similar combat feel to NMH indeed.

crematory2639d ago

bayonetta with zombies not bad

JohnApocalypse2639d ago

Looks allot better then Onechambra

zero_cool2639d ago

Has a no more heroes meets dead rising vibe to it!

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