When It Comes To 2011, Uncharted 3 Is King; An Absolute Treasure

The Uncharted franchise was built from nothing, evolved the TPS genre and has become the ultimate benchmark for current-gen games. An envy by every game developers, a masterpiece and an instant success.

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JoGam2547d ago

Oh Uncharted how I love thee.

DatNJDom812546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Lotta people wont like that title. I'm not talking about the game, but the title of the article.

MAJ0R2546d ago

that's because Skyrim is king :>

MaxXAttaxX2546d ago

@MAJOR: That depends if you prefer at your own pace open-world WRPGs or more linear yet engaging action games. Or both!

psvitaisking2547d ago

man i dream of uncharted every night lol.. a continuous dream lol

Ezio20482547d ago

really i have no words to describe the series and its cinematic appeal to its storytelling.
All in all, UNCHARTED 3 will be the best game this year!!!:-)
thumbs up if you agree with me guys... be honest...

InNomeDiDio2546d ago

No, not for me for example. That's just your opinion.

Ares902547d ago

ohh come on November!!

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The story is too old to be commented.