If PC Gaming Needs Saving, Razer’s Blade Isn’t the Savior

Excerpt: "I’m not saying all this to dismiss what Razer has created. It is what it is — a very expensive machine with some very impressive features — but that doesn’t sound like a savior to me. And who said PC gaming was in peril, anyway?"

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SilentNegotiator2669d ago

Razer: "We said that PC gaming wasn't we killed it"


ATi_Elite2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I think this Razer Blade laptop needs saving!

$2800 and it has a weak GPU!! $2800 will get you an Enthusiast Level desktop with 3 monitors!

Now i will say that the extra LCD screen to the right of the keyboard is KICK ASS as that has many uses and is very customizable. But other than the extra LCD screen this laptop is better and $1000 cheaper!

thebudgetgamer2669d ago

pc gaming clearly does not need saving,just razer trying snazzy advertising to bring in the rubes and pigeons.

whydoyouask2669d ago

Did PC gaming die? When did that happen!?

fileman372669d ago

I like the laptop and the whole idea, but the price is just CRAZYYYYYY!!!!

mobijoker2669d ago

For a gaming laptop,i think Asus R.O.G. is best in price-performance comparison....But gaming is best on desktops and now as the things getting thinner,desktops are becoming pretty portable....

Dovahkiin2669d ago

May be buying the G53SW myself, so agreed.

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