What I'd like to see on the Next Xbox

Hardware isn’t the only thing when it comes to a console, as the Xbox 360 has shown us by reinventing it’s dashboard multiple times since it’s launch in 2005. I could make a list of dozens of things I’d like to see from the next generation Xbox, but I’ll boil it down to the three most important points to me for the sake of brevity.

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dark-hollow2400d ago

What I want to see is the next xbox reveal in e3 2012

vsr2400d ago

1. Own Games ( Not stealing others games )
2. Blu ray

maniacmayhem2400d ago

For the next Xbox i would like a better D-pad!

user8586212400d ago

New features added to xbox live

Jdrm032400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

1080p 60 fps standard for every game.

most importantly, Microsoft's focus on actual gaming and not gimmicks again.

I would be content with that.

SKUD2400d ago

No mii style avatars. OG dashbord back. NO ADS for gold users. Thank you.

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The story is too old to be commented.