Star Wars: The Old Republic is more anticipated than MW3

It seems that the upcoming Star Wars game is on a lot of people’s waiting list to play, maybe slightly better than a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3).

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cyguration2663d ago

Of course...

Only new thing you get in MW3 is a story and some extra killstreaks. Then what?

If you think that's worth $60 you have some serious issues or you like to smoke dollar bills instead of cigarettes.

paladinaz2663d ago

A Halo fan ripping on Call of Duty... That is like a turd telling shit that he stinks...

Anyway, MW3 is way more anticipated than SW:TOR.
1. COD fan base
2. Multiplatform title (3 platforms vs 1)
3. Overall, SW:TOR looks like a generic MMORPG in Star Wars universe.

GameZenith2663d ago

I disagree.

You mention that it is more anticipated that SWTOR because the COD Fan base is larger? So you're saying that the Call of Duty fanbase is larger than the entire Star Wars fanbase?

Secondly, you say that SWTOR is just a genre MMO in Star Wars skin but you fail to mention that it is the FIRST EVER fully voiced MMO in which ALL 8 classes have their own unique and personal stories, almost 8 games in 1 if you want to look at it that way. Besides, do not act like MW3 is going to have any drastic changes from MW1. Hell, every COD game since MW1 have all been identical except for the characters and settings.

raWfodog2663d ago

Some of the characters are the same also. Still looking forward to the concluding storyline.

Reborn2663d ago

So what does COD look like?

Thedudehere2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

how can you people compare things that only have one thing in common? they are both video games and thats were it ends. call of duty is instant action. SWTOR is when you have a ton of time on your hands,no wife or girlfriend,no kids..etc. don't get me wrong i love star wars but at this point in my life i only have time for the force unleased kind of star wars.

OdinFallen2663d ago

That's a gross misconception to say that SWTOR is only for people with no girlfriend, kids, etc... I have a girlfriend of 6 years and am getting my Master's degree and still find plenty of time to meet my gaming needs. You sir, are probably doing something wrong and I am offended by the idiocy that you spout.

Thedudehere2663d ago

It wasn't meant to offend! Try adding a 19 month old and an 8 yr old son into your perfect little world and still meet your gaming needs. I'm just a bit jealous I can't wrap myself into such an envolving game and that's why I hit some call of duty for a quick gaming fix. Before kids my wife and I had all night playing FF7 or something similar. So if raising two kids and dealing with everything else in normal life at the expense of losing some gaming time is doing something wrong to you, OH WELL. Don't compare having a girlfriend and school to parenthood your still in the easy part! Think your homework is tough, try getting an 8 yr old with ADHD to do his homework then talk.

OdinFallen2663d ago

I'm in the same boat as you man, I live six states away from my family whom I have to support along with myself. You're just sitting there assuming that you are the only one who has it bad. I've worked with kids before too. You obviously don't know what a Master's program involves, but that's not me saying I have it worse or better. And by girlfriend, I meant full on partner that I've been living with for 5 years. My point is, you're life isn't as terrible as you are trying to make people believe and that your bitching is offensive. Strop the "OMG, OMG I have kids and a wife so I can't play games." We all have situations that restrict us.