‘Mass Effect 3′ Redhead Female Shepard Wins Fan Vote

Andrew Dyce of Game Rant writes: "With concrete details about the fate of Commander Shepard still hard to find, it seems that one thing can now be considered inevitable: the female version of Mass Effect 3‘s protagonist will be a redhead"

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DaThreats2668d ago

lol WTF
She doesnt seem to fit the role at all

dreamtheater872668d ago

As someone has already pointed out- default female Shepard has always been a redhead.

So basically, this doesn't fit -your- perception of the role. I prefer redhead shep over stereotypical blonde shep any day.

MintBerryCrunch2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

the problem is that when you look at the 2 next to one another, it looks like they stuck a 15 year old girls head on a womans body compared to the male shepard we have known since the 1st game

hair color doesn't really matter to me since we can change anything and everything about our specific Shepard, but BioWare could have done a better job in making her look older, you can see that male Shepard has "grown" older through each game, he just looks like he has been through a lot, female Shepard looks like she got younger,

Getowned2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I hate the default charactors my self i always make my own,my shepard looks like a real comander of a ship and he looks smart,yet like he could kick anyones ass he a paragon :D lol all my friends say my charater looks better then the top rated face's on

(some one did a real cool fem-shep a Samus Shepard i use it for my fem shep)

stil i hope the character creator has a huge improvement.I know they said it has been improved but i want to try it and see it for my self! i love making my own charactor,i really don't care for the punky/rough me the default looks like a punky soilder and not a comander or anyone that should be leading a team like that.

PRHB HYBRiiD2668d ago

redheads are hot...blondes are stupid and brunettes are way too cocky.

news4geeks2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I don't mind the red hair, but she has a face as rough as a badger's arse.

Scrooge2668d ago

I think both DaThreats and dreamtheater are right. Her punky teenage look doesn't fit, and yes, a redhead is better than a stereotypical blonde. I'll just be playing as male Shepard like usual.

Xof2668d ago

You really, really, really need to play as femshep.

It's like a whole new game. Mostly because her voice acting is REALLY good, and really drives home just how awful manshep's voice is.

Scrooge2668d ago

I heard FemShep's voice acting was superb. There's just too much to do and see in these Mass Effect games. Who know if I'll get around to playing as FemShep?

BeOneWithTheGun2668d ago

The real question is does the carpet match the curtains?

GamingManiac2668d ago

Well, but you know, with a rusty roof comes a wet basement :P

showtimefolks2668d ago

i don't play many games where the lead character is a female because its always the same story big boobs short clothes

the latest tome raider has kind of gotten it right i don't think devs have gotten the females character rights there is a lot of room for improvement

look at bayonetta
all the tomb raider games

heavenly sword was good in a lot of way i guess

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Solidus187-SCMilk2668d ago

firecrotch Shepard to the rescue

rdgneoz32668d ago

So female Shepard has no soul...

Quagmire2668d ago

You're thinking of the lesser species "ginger"

Redheads are firey vixens.

rdgneoz32668d ago

"but if the development team at BioWare holds to their word, then there’s no doubt that Mass Effect 3‘s female Shepard will be a ginger."

Also, the picture at the top of the article had freckles. So sadly, she is a ginger and not just a redhead.

NiteX2668d ago

I thought redheads and gingers were the exact same thing? When did this change?

kza2668d ago

lesser species lol who the hell are u too say that, id beat the shit outta you!!!

Tainted Gene2667d ago

Genetically pale skin and red hair are both recessive traits, while darker skin, brown eyes, and dark hair are dominate traits.

For examples albinos have very pale skin due to the lack of malign pigmentation and red hair. All races (blk, wht, latino, mideast, whatever) are all susceptible to showing "markers" for these recessive traits.

It's all in the genes, the thing is it is hard for recessive traits to be expressed because in roughly 1:4 chances it would show.

I wouldn't go as far to say "gingers" or redheads are a lesser species (thats just stupid) but they're just expressing the recessive traits in their genetic makeup.

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Blacktric2668d ago

Your avatar has no soul.

Mr Patriot2668d ago

Redheads gives u nice headjobs as well

BrightFalls762668d ago

"Better dead than red!"

All kidding aside I am a fan of the red hair:)

Quagmire2668d ago

Stupid thing is, the original FemShep/Default Female Shephard has Red Hair too.

Such a big waste of fucking time for nothing.