NowGamer - Age Of Empires Online Review

NowGamer - Age Of Empires Online offers a unique insight into the ever-evolving games industry. Lines are beginning to blur as genres become less relevant, and nowhere is this more apparent than with Microsoft's latest Age Of Empires game.

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fooxy2664d ago

Its ok title if u wanna play from time to time for fun, but if u wanna get lil bit competitive its a simple model PAY to PLAY that might cost you more than $60 considering you have to buy every civilization besides 2 game provides from the start

Montrealien2664d ago

do you mean I have to spend 60$? Could I not just pay for one civ for 20$?

Trenta272664d ago

You can if you want. I only paid $20 and I'm having a blast with it. $60 is just if you want everything that's out right now. $20 is good enough for quite some time.