CVG - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Discovering a dangerous new world

CVG - "There's about 300 hours of play in Skyrim... actually, we've kind of stopped counting," says game director Todd Howard, during our live demo.

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CaptainMarvelQ82544d ago

I can't wait for this ,it's gonna be the best game this year,pendejo's!

Hozi892544d ago

I wish there was PS Move support as an optional feature. No doubt this game will pull out of reality for a long long goodbye girlfriend, I've found my new lover.

Chocoboh2544d ago

This game and Battlefield 3 are the games im gonna buy this holiday

dont care about the rest really

pijinio2122544d ago

i gots deus ex hr to tie me down for the moment till then....

BeOneWithTheGun2544d ago

Me, too. Then Resistance 3 in a couple weeks and Rage and Dark Souls in Oct. So many games....

Once Skyrim drops, though, that's all she wrote for me.

Brosy2544d ago

Wow 300 hours, talk about getting your moneys worth.

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