Ni No Kuni: Queen Of The Holy White Ash Will Have New Elements Just For PS3

Siliconera: "The story in Ni no Kuni: Queen of the Holy White Ash is similar to the Nintendo DS​ version, but Level-5 is adding content to the PlayStation 3​ game."

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NukaCola2638d ago

I hope the collectors addition comes with the 300 page book that the DS version had. It was so freaking awesome.

WombBat2638d ago

I just wish this was coming out on xbox 360, im jealous for this game.


NukaCola2638d ago

Get a PS3 man...You need one. you'll never miss out. If I could make it so, Iwould put it on every system. this JRPG looks to get it right on so many levels.

banjadude2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I hope they also release the DS version too (for Europe/N.A). I can't get enough of this game (sadly, I'm relegated to watching random videos on youtube to satisfy my hunger!)

NewMonday2638d ago

they must, this and Tales of Xillia are my most wanted PS3 JRPGs

-Alpha2638d ago

I sure hope so.

This and Dark Cloud 3 needs to happen. Come on, L5!

initial_kay2638d ago

ohhhh dark clouds been announced!!!!!

Redempteur2638d ago

they better localize THIS otherwise we would have a successor to the dumbest localisation decisions after namco

telekineticmantis2638d ago

Bring this to North America, for Vita & PS3 with transfarring that would be great.

BlueRevolvuR2638d ago

Oh man, haven't heard anything new about this game in a while. It looks crazy fun. If they bring it, I shall buy it.

tarbis2638d ago

I already liked this game the first time I saw it, and I want it more now. Please release an english version even if it's just subtitles only.

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