Will We Get Too Old for Video Games?

See that picture? That’s the image that comes up to this day whenever a major news publication is talking about video games. Good news, bad news, anything in between, it’s this picture of two kids staring into a glowing screen, controllers in hand, the pair of them assumed to have their brains melting out of their ears.

That’s the perception that still exists among the older generation toward gamers, and though it is fading over time, it makes me wonder where the future of gaming is heading, and how old is “too old” to game, if there even is a such a classification.

Right now, the average age of a gamer is 37. That’s important because it says a large amount of adults play video games, but even more so when you look at WHY the average age is 37.

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CaptainMarvelQ82664d ago

I can see some pendejo's getting tired in the long run,but for me it will always be entertaining as long as companies keep the good stuff coming.

LOGICWINS2664d ago

When my hand eye coordination starts to suck.

KentBlake2663d ago

Then I'll still keep playing point-and-click adventures, turn-based RPGs and strategy games, and every thing that doesn't require any reflexes.

I can see myself playing well into my nineties (at least I hope so).

Pozzle2664d ago

I'm not worried about losing interest in games. But I am worried about not having enough time to play games. Even now that I'm at university I've noticed I barely have any time to play games. I hate to think how little time I'll have once I actually enter the work force. :(

tiffac0082664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Since I'm already in the workforce I can tell you. It will become even less but once you have kids it will come back a little, only for you to play with them and their games. lol!

There is a reason Mario and Zelda are popular franchises to this day because we older gamers can live with them than lets say a Mii on Wii Sports or Pokemon. lol!

dangert122664d ago

You can never be to old for gaming Its a form of entertainment to me

Disgaea is the console chess but with more depth and a story that keeps you Interested Instead of endless chess chess chess

Then we have really cinematic games that not even the cinema can touch for experience I'd love to see show me an animation In the cinema that is better then ratchet and clank...funnier more exciting?

Then you can learn so much from games metal gear solid and splinter cell actually taught me the art of stealth and forza/ was the game that brought It to my attention you do have to slow down to take some coners etc lol

Ill be playing games until my hands fall off/it gets to expensive/ or the games get to simplistic trying to bring in more new players

zerocrossing2664d ago

I dont think I'll ever be too old for games, lol.

There's so many genres and sub genres, aslong as the devs keep making games intresting I'll keep playing them =)

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The story is too old to be commented.