130° ~ Xenoblade Chronicles | First Impressions (Wii)

For a few months, rabid Nintendo owners across the globe were petitioning the publisher to release a series of “hardcore” RPGs in the United States. Xenoblade Chronicles was one of the central titles in this effort known as “Operation Rainfall”, but it failed to influence Nintendo’s decision to exclude North America from this game’s release. This behemoth of a game did not make it Stateside, but thanks to being translated into English for the European Union release ,and the ingenuity of internet hackers, I have had the pleasure of playing this game.

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Moduserous1714d ago

Why has this not been localized?

PygmelionHunter1714d ago

Probably because Wii Play Motion and Zelda will cover all the sales they need to do, it's a fucking sin, I know...

RoboRyan1714d ago

I want to play this so bad and would prefer to not have to result to "stealing" the game to do it.

LoaMcLoa1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Import it and use Gecko? :) Works like a charm

RoboSpiff1714d ago

I wanna pay nintendo for this game.

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