Video: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Guilty Spark Gameplay

Gamertag Radio writes: "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Guilty Spark Gameplay from Halo Fest 2011."

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manumit2668d ago

WOW that is the first time i've seen the "switch over" in the game, and that looked so awesome. You know i thought this year was going to be a horrible year for games, but i'm going to be spending more than last year. Cant wait for Halo CE!!

earbus2668d ago

Well it looks alot better than i thought but ill wait for the price drop as i do have it on pc not into the remakes but i do like them achievements so may play it one day.

ReservoirDog3162668d ago

That level always annoyed me. Looks sick though.

I remember never knowing about halo and a guy from gamestop recommended it to me. Took it home and just loved it. Later found out how popular halo was. Life before the internet huh?

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