New campaign and multiplayer screens for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Several new screenshots, featuring campaign and multiplayer, have been released by Microsoft Studios for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive title, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

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Tanir2663d ago

anyone really care about this?

i mean after they announced halo 4,5 and 6 why bother? milking the game makes the series lose value.

what when the next xbox comes out they are going to remake halo 3 and reach also?

user8586212663d ago

you do know nobody is forcing you to buy it right??

kaveti66162663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Tanir is upset because even though nobody is forcing him to buy them, a large amount of people will buy the Halo games rather than purchase new IPs.

I can understand that. Not buying Call of Duty is one thing, but knowing that 20 million people are still going to buy it and completely neglect a large library of really great titles is saddening.

Halo is still popular enough that it sells on name alone. While I am excited for a new Halo trilogy because I like the games, I'm also disappointed in my lack of exploration into other games.

I think that Microsoft should be working on a new killer app for the next Xbox rather than making another Halo trilogy (or in addition to).

If 10 million people buy the next Halo game (4), then they'll be telling Microsoft that it's okay to make just Halo and Forza and Fable. Microsoft wants to be a major contender in the gaming industry. While Sony and Nintendo have many studios making many IPs, Microsoft has had 2 generations to get their act together in that department and they've chosen not to.

Yes, Nintendo milks their IPs, but they also have a lot of them, so it's not as detrimental to their audience.

Tanir2663d ago


i dont care if people buy them....guessing u didnt read my other post below -_-

people like what they like, what sells sells simple as that, its fine that they are remaking a great game, im just saying, to much halo, fable and gears, not enough new things

kaveti66162663d ago

Okay. Except for the first part of my comment, everything else I said is in parallel to what you said.

fluffydelusions2663d ago

That's a silly question. It's a beloved franchise by many. If it's not your cup of tea than why bother commenting at all?

kaveti66162663d ago

Halo is my cup of tea, and I'd rather not hear about another trilogy right now.

If Microsoft builds another few studios and makes new IPs then I wouldn't mind. But it's annoying to me how eager MS is to always announce new Halo games, but never announce new IPs.

LOGICWINS2663d ago

I'll put it this way. I don't even have a 360 and I care about this. Brings back memories from the old Xbox days. Halo 1 is still the most enjoyable FPS campaign I've ever played. I'd love to replay it with updated graphics.

newleaf2663d ago

Since it is currently pre-ordering more than Uncharted 3 weekly then yes, people care.
This is the first hd remake that isn't simply a shiny new coat. This is a quality AAA effort

Cpt_kitten2663d ago

expanding a well loved universe is called milking, go check out the books sometime well written and makes halo more than just a game

but silly trolls never think about that

Tanir2663d ago

whoa, people act like a i hate halo lmao, i have all halo's sept wars to date, even the halo 360, im just sayin, when u release a game every year it just becomes another cod or madden. thats all.

they are actually doing a good job remaking this, i was just curious if anyone here cared, apparently i was wrong lmao

IQUITN4G2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Evidently quite a few then

My personal game of the year and November is too long a time to wait

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ladybug72663d ago

i am actully really pumped for this cause i never played any of the halo's except reach and i am really intrested in the first halo's story but i just cant stand the old style graphics (yes im a graphics person) so this game is great for me. if you dont care then dont buy it o.o

Mikefizzled2663d ago

This game is looking seriously worth the £30. Had mine on pre-order since the end of E3.

IQUITN4G2663d ago

Yes while not everyone will agree, 30 quids is peanuts as far as my opinion on it goes