PAX Prime 2011 – Counter Strike: Global Offensive Off-Screen Gameplay

Some off-screen gameplay from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The footage shows off the newest version of Dust. Read the article for info regarding the beta.

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clearelite2579d ago

Going to be epic with Playstation Move or mouse/kb.

Theo11302579d ago

I hate the crosshair, hopefully I can change it to the simple cross. and god help those poor ps3 players that find themselves in pc gamers presence

maxmill2579d ago

cant wait to turn up my sensitivity and pwn pc elitist, oh man i just cant wait

done it countless times

Are_The_MaDNess2579d ago

good luck with that, hopefully you won't meet these guys

Porkins4Life2579d ago

I feel like with the cross platform pc would rule all