Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – it's free and it's awesome

Browser-based games don't capture our attention that often, but the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is something different. For fans of the tabletop version of the game, the TCGO replicates everything you can do in the physical game and then some. It even allows you to import your real collection of cards online through redemption codes found on the packaging of all new cards henceforth, so you can play online against your friends using your own deck. The TCGO is perhaps most exciting to newcomers though, because it offers a wealth of tutorials, free decks and cards, and single-player AI tournaments to get you ready to build your own deck and play against real people. And it's all free of charge.

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MakiManPR2665d ago

The game is really cool. I wish a TCG game for the 3DS

XiaoSet2665d ago

It's actually pretty fun.
I've been playing it for a couple months now in the closed beta, the system has few flaws.

The developers really listen on the forums, as well, and take ideas to heart. Sure the forums are full of pre-teens, who can't type at all, but it's a fun online version of my favorite childhood card game.

KingDustero2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

It sounds pretty interesting.

The only question I have is how are new cards acquired? I didn't read anything about having to pay for booster packs or anything, but there is a card trading system. What would be the point of a trading system if everyone had the cards? I must be missing something here.

Anyways I'll probably try it out myself soon.

XiaoSet2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Closed beta we got x20 booster packs to open, totalling 200 cards.
These are completely random and you can choose any booster pack available. Think there is like 8? different booster packs.

You also earn Basic Blue, Green, Yellow and Red Starter Decks as you beat the offline single player mode with the respected colored decks. They become unlocked for online play after that.

Other than that, you get the codes from real physical booster packs, meaning buying or jacking them from Wal-Mart or wherever. Can also buy the codes in bulk from eBay easily.

Since the booster packs give you 10 random cards, the trading system helps out a lot. You can trade any amount for any amount, set up wish lists, and show what you have up for trades rather easily.

ApexHell2665d ago

they should remake the gbc tcg game

RufustheSage2665d ago

Hmm. . .just makes me wanna Yu-Gi-Oh online. Zombie deck baby.

supersonicjerry2665d ago

Is there a free yugioh online that i can play I would really love that man