Hawken Story Trailer

IGN has uploaded the latest trailer for the upcoming game Hawken.

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ATi_Elite2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

HOLY SHITE! Indie Devs my ass...this is AAA!
and is way better than i thought it gonna be! Add another one to the gotta get list!
this looks like the Mech game we have been dying for!

found a Youtube Gameplay link, not as epic as the trailer but dam you get a sense of the scale and it looks like people are in the flying fortress thing shooting down at you too!!

yamzilla2637d ago

gotta love PC!!

looks very fine, very fine indeed!

TheKindRoost2637d ago

Looking nice, hopefully it'll have deeper gameplay and not just a simple(point and shoot) fps with mech-skin. I'm dying for a great/deep mech games.