Rumor: Satoru Iwata on hot seat

Recent rumors suggest that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata may be on the hot seat.

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darthv722665d ago

some japanese game show? I can never tell with their quirky ways.

fatstarr2665d ago

wtf is 01net. or w/e its called its shakin up the nintendo world with all their rumors.

after q4 the 3ds will be at 10 maybe 15 million world wide.

especially once the games i been waitin for drop.

the 3 games i have now are holdin me down.

Moduserous2665d ago

The 3DS is cool tech but poorly marketed.

RoboRyan2665d ago

Couldn't agree more. For a company that caters to the casual gaming market, I've seen very little mention of 3DS outside of circles where gaming discussion is common.

fatstarr2665d ago

yes when i got mine even tho saw it at e3 years ago i was still amazed.

this product with all these features came from nintendo it was hard for me to believe.

Kamikaze1352665d ago

That and I honestly think it was released a tad bit too early. Had it been released a few months later and released at $200, I think it would have done MUCH better. More games to play, good price, and even better games around the corner.

disturbing_flame2665d ago

I think Iwata knows also he is on hot seat.

Mario4life2665d ago

He might be, but when your that high up in the company your always in the hot seat, it probally has alot to do with the 3ds

Paragon2665d ago

Yeah, I agree - the 3DS was very surprising to a lot of people, but the marketing is what smacked it around a bit. And not to mention the launch titles were lackluster.

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The story is too old to be commented.