Halo Anniversary - Brand new terminal video

Check out the brand new terminal for Halo Anniversary that was just shown at Halo Fest a few moments ago.

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ryhanon2669d ago

The most astounding thing about this to me is also the most subtle thing...

When Bungie made Halo they had plastered the Marathon logo all over the game in various places, including, among other things, the side of the Pillar of Autumn and the centered blue light of Guilty Spark.

This video (and another before it that showed the Pillar of Autumn) has removed the Marathon logo from GS and replaced it with something similar but different.

What this tells me is that when Bungie split from MS they somehow managed to work in some stipulation that says the Marathon logo and everything associated to it still belongs to Bungie. Otherwise, why would MS/343 retcon something as subtle as this out of the game?

otherZinc2669d ago

That's ok, as long as 343 will continue creating the Halo Universe.

aviator1892669d ago

Looks sweet, I can't wait to see the forerunners in action!

adamant7152669d ago

If this is similar to what we can expect for Halo 4 I'm totally on board..

beans2669d ago

I'm so happy there actually keeping things Halo with extra options. The music was one of the main draws that made me fall in love with CE. So far so good!