Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC download) receives big post-launch discount

An online retailer is giving big discounts for the downloadable PC version of the recently-released Deus Ex: Human Revolution (both Standard and Augmented Editions).

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Damn, I didn't know amazon did pc game downloads. I just started pc gaming this month and only got my games from steam. Witch kind of sucks because you NEED internet connection even when I want to play offline.

OpenGL2664d ago

The Amazon download version gives you a Steam key you can use to download the game through Steam.

anonym2664d ago

You don't need an internet connection to play games through Steam, there's an offline mode. However, a lot of games have 3rd party DRM separate from Steam, and some of those may require a connection (like Ubisoft).

CernaML2664d ago

Amazing! Amazon and Steam is like the best combination. lol

SP3333D-O2664d ago

Excellent! Cancelled the Amazon order for the media version and am downloading now!

anonym2664d ago

Wow, didn't even have to wait a week for a good deal. Buying this now.

Letros2664d ago

Nice, purchased. Gotta love the money you save on PC games.