Rise of Nightmares: Undead Spokesman trailer scares casuals

SEGAbits: "SEGA’s Pax 2011 trailer for Rise of Nightmares takes the comedy route once again, this time mocking the casual gamer just a bit."

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BrightFalls762337d ago

This game looks awful. I just don't get Kinect, you wave your hands around at the screen.

maniacmayhem2337d ago

Put something in your hands then you'll get it.

e-p-ayeaH2337d ago

At least this game makes kinect to be interesting.

manumit2337d ago

Haha that trailer was freaking weird...wat the hell was the go with the cat? haha. Anyway still getting this game cause it reminds me of house of the dead...

Thehierophant2337d ago

This can prove Kinect can do hardcore games

DigitalRaptor2337d ago

...But not very well at all.

Move your right foot forward to move forward, and move your left foot backwards to move back. Turn your body left and right to turn those ways respectively.

Doesn't sound anything but uncomfortable.

It's house of the dead, but with awkward controls.

earbus2337d ago

Sweet i like the look of this game may get on release.

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