Top Ten: Worst Box Art

The Digital Fix gives their opinion on the Top Ten: Worst Box Art of all time.

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yog-sothot2606d ago


the responsible of that change for the american box art (moving from subtle Giorgio De Chirico inspiration to ugly CG faces) should really consider a change of career if he/she hasn't been fired yet

mike1up2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


Very funny article. I had a feeling that i would see Mega Man somewhere on this list. Those box arts are all just awful. The art for Pro Wrestling doesnt even looked finish.

Adahn2606d ago

I still can't get over the Barbarian cover, that thing was shockingly lame even by 80s standards! I only wish I'd managed to keep the box when I moved out of home!

Quagmire2606d ago

LMFAO at Pit-Fighter. That looks like a cover for a terrible 80's bondage fetish porno.

Tanir2606d ago

LMAO i remember pit fighter, when i was young my dad bought it for me, its truly one of the worst games ive played lol