IGN: Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Video Preview

IGN takes a closer look at Razer's new, ultra-portable gaming laptop.

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Shackdaddy8362606d ago

Ya but can I shave with maximum comfort?

jeeves862606d ago

Not without some shaving cream...

What I want to know is how it does all of this without overheating.

Shackdaddy8362606d ago

Especially since he said you can overclock it. You aren't supposed to overclock laptops because they just cant keep cool...

dredgewalker2606d ago

I'm not too fond of gaming laptops too. The overheating or constant heat while being used can kill it. Mine's just a normal laptop but the heat is atrocious and I'm in a tropical country so I always have to use it with a cooling pad. I'll stick with desktops for my pc gaming needs.

SilentNegotiator2606d ago

$2800 and they've only shown a bunch of low-end games on it running in real time. I smell a stinker.

AzaziL2606d ago

I was drooling till I heard the price tag, I'll wait a few years for it to drop, or even better, hopefully more companies pick up on the LCD Trackpad and buttons trend, that was some nice stuff.

grailly2606d ago

yeah, that disappointed me. for that price I can get a macbook and a desktop gaming PC

badkolo2605d ago

the specs stink but that lcd mouse and lcd vuttons are driving me mad and are the future for sure, hottest part was that lcd mouse, wowowow

o272605d ago

what games are they running on the background??
i've put my eye on that lovely magical RPG with all of those colorful magic hit moves.
does anyone recognize this game ?