Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Special Announcement Coming On August 29th

DSOGaming writes: "While logging to the game today, we were greeted with an unexpected message. According to this new message, there will be a special announcement on August 29th at 22:00GMT."

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RyuDrinksTheDew2607d ago

stoked to see what it is!! :D

GraySnake2607d ago

This Game has moved Deus Ex to one of my Favorite Franchises ever! I think I'm gonna get the older ones if I can.

2pacalypsenow2606d ago

Def get Deus Ex 1 ,Deus ex 2 is very different than HR and DX1 but still a great game

DevilsJoker2607d ago

SUPER Deus Ex Turbo!

Seriously though, I'm bloody loving this game so far.

Hellsvacancy2607d ago

HD port of the original would be AWESOME, more than likely a dlc related announcement

john22607d ago

Indeed, a HD remake would be one of the best announcements ever... but sadly it seems more likely for a DLC announcement :/

sonicsidewinder2607d ago

I've put 14 hours into this on day 1.

fuck me, my eyes feel augmented.

DevilsJoker2607d ago

Only 8 hours on day one for me. I feel like i've been slacking.

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The story is too old to be commented.