Half Life Music Composer Kelly Bailey: Valve "hasn't forgotten" about Gordon Freeman

"In an interview with TGL, Ex-Valve and Half Life music and audio producer Kelly Bailey discusses why Valve decided to make Gordon Freeman a mute character, why it was tough to leave the company earlier this year, his new project Sunspark Labs and remarks that he is pretty sure that Valve hasn't forgotten about Gordon Freeman"

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SwilloTGL2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Kelly Bailey's Half Life music creations are incredible

Harelgur2545d ago

of course they didnt
we just have to wait 30 years

EditorAtGNG2544d ago

The creation of the next "game of the decade" requires some time... (and yes, "some" is calculated in years).

RedDead20672544d ago

I'm playing HL2 for the first time now.

(Bought it in the recent Summer Camp).

The 2004 game is amazing, compared to modern standards.