Netflix Users Continue to Prefer PS3 over Xbox 360

The PlayStation 3 has been a unique gaming console from the beginning.PlayStation 3 users have seen vast enhancements and features added to their machine, from a revised PlayStation Store, to XMB access during games, to 3D playback, and a host of video services. Sony also added NFL Sunday Ticket to their ever-expanding lineup. With so many options available on the PlayStation 3, Netflix continues to be the king.

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kingdoms2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I think this has more to do with what people are using these devices for.

PC is in last place on netflix but has the biggest base due to more people using the PC for PC-ish things and not just media.

360 is in second place because although it has a bigger base than PS3 more people are playing games than watching movies.

PS3 is first with the smallest base because the base is so mixed with gamers and movie buffs the stats are easily thrown off.

This Sony defense force blog talked up PS3 and services/features and listed them. He ignored the competition's by not listing the dozens and in one case thousands of there offerings that compete with Netflix on said platform if you want to go that route.

"Netflix users continue to prefer PS3 over Xbox"

^^This doesn't even make any sense. 360 owners would rather buy a PS3 for netflix? 360 owners would rather watch Netflix on their PS3s they don't have?

The header should be:

*More PS3 owners watch more movies on Netflix than 360 owners*

*PS3 owners play less games and watch more movies*

Something other than the header used in this story. The article is rubbish though.

Godmars2902665d ago

Considering the year - six months? - the console had the service all to itself it should only be #1.

The 360 is in 2nd place because of the requirement to pay for XBL to use Netflix.

beastgamer2665d ago

Yeah paying for the option to use netflix is a joke. I also like the ps3 layout more than the 360.

NoobSessions2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I prefer the Xbox interface of netflix compared to PS3's, it feels faster and more fluid to me. But thats just my opinion

@ Kindom's reason for why netflix is more used- It does make sense, but its not the whole truth

The PS3 is marketed has been marketed as a blu ray player since its launch along with games, while the xbox has really just been marketed for games. You can expect that the PS3s userbase has more of a mix of gamers/movie enthusiasts in comparison to Xbox. And since PSN is free, movie enthusiasts have easier access than those who only own an xbox.

If you disagree with me, at least just tell me why. This site seems to have a knack for steatlh disagreeing with noone backing them up

Neko_Mega2665d ago

Godmars290 nail it, paying for XBL and Netflix is a pain and with how money is now.

-Alpha2665d ago

It's definitely because of XBL, but doesn't Xbox also have services like Hulu?

Godmars2902665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

"while the xbox has really just been marketed for games."

No, MS has been shifting towards it being a media hub since promoting Disney content on their market place. And thought Sony first introduced the concept, has several media services, the PlayTV and Trone add-ons, gaming journalist tend to only talk about the 360 the future top-set box.

@Alpha: both have Hulu+, which as I understand it isn't worth paying the same $8 for Netflix. I'm going ahead and getting Orb+, which is a PC/disc base media server for BR players/PS3.

I find it amazing that MS PR will go on and on about how the 360 is #1 at one thing or another, and yet their in-house policies do things that potentially cost them that spot.

Just give Silvers Netflix access, and they'd win major points.

What "real" point are you making? Sure there's no reason for people already paying for XBL not to get Netflix, but if a 360 owner not into multiplayer has other devices besides w/access to Netflix, why would they then get XBL?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32665d ago

If you have a 360 you play online with, why wouldn't you just go ahead and get Netflix on it also? The answer is people use there 360 to play online games, not because you have to pay for LIVE. The 360 is all I have, and I use it evenly between online gaming and Netflix. Are you saying that people who own both consoles prefer to use the PS3 over the 360 for Netflix? If so, then at kinda proves my point.

showtimefolks2665d ago

stop spinning things and stop being a fanboy

on ps3 you can use netflix straight up without paying sony while on xbox you have to pay for LIVE

facts don't lie

Mustang300C20122665d ago

I love how some of you fanboys make it sound like that is the ONLY reason you pay for Live. It doesn't need to be debated about why you pay for Live but it isnt to access Netflix. Sorry but no one is buying Live and 360 JUST for Netflix access.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32665d ago

The point I was making was that people's reason for not using Netflix on their 360, isn't because of the price of LIVE, it's because they play their games more than they watch Netflix.

DaTruth2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

PS3 has more "active" connected users and probably a bigger install base due to less broken consoles! PS3 also has an older demographic with credit cards; mommy's not gonna pay for Live and Netflix!

3 year warranties have been running out for almost 3 years now and the Slim 360 isn't 3 years old yet!

darthv722665d ago

with its install base you would think people would be using that for netflix. Come to think of it....most dont even know how to put the wii on the internet.

I have told several people that have one they can go on youtube and netflix and they never tried hooking it up. The whole interface is the same as the ps3 just @ 480p. It makes for a great res on older tv's that arent hd.

Depending on which room I am in, I have several different netflix devices to choose from.

SilentNegotiator2665d ago

I've stopped paying for LIVE, so Netflix isn't even a friggin' option on it.

So yeah, I use Netflix on my PS3.

SilentNegotiator2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

"PS3 owners play less games and watch more movies"

The attachment rates are like, less than a title apart for the 360 and PS3, so you're obviously pulling this "fact" from a magic hat.

Highlife2665d ago

Xbox has also been marketed as a media center and media center extender. Hell that would be my top reason to get an xbox. It would make a cheap media center extender.

Mottsy2664d ago

@ Noobsesh. you are so right. Cos when my parents bought the ps3 they went to best buy and the employee told them its the best Blue ray player you could get. So i mean they bought it . Liked it and now everyone they talk to uses their ps3 to watch movies with blue ray or netflix.

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Tanir2665d ago

Kingdoms, you MS lovin blind boy. like godmars said

ms requiring you to pay an additional 60$ to watch netflx compared to free access to your netflix = fail.

i think its pretty obvious lol. even if MS has a larger install base less than 50% of them are connected to xbox live gold,

almost everyone who has a ps3 has online aslong as they have internet. so again, obvious reasons, open your eyes

newleaf2665d ago

Xbox 360 play more games than movies...shocker

Biggest2665d ago

Not more games. Just a handfull. . . Shocker!

CernaML2665d ago

The amount of butthurt over Netflix from you 360 fanboys is mind boggling.

Morbius4202665d ago

Who's fucking hurting? I can use Netflix on my 360 just likr you can on your precious PS3. I don't pay for Live just for Netflix...I could just as easily connect my PC to my HDTV if I wanted to watch Neflix w/o Live.

Jesus you PS3 drones are such fags on this site. You ruin the fun of reading game related news.

CernaML2665d ago

Once again, here you guys are hurting some more. :)

All this article did was point out a statistical fact. Yet we have mindless M$ cheerleaders such as kingdoms and newleaf trolling and playing the "PS3 gamers dont play gaemz!" card. That is pathetic.

You didn't need to comment by the way. My comment was directed towards those certain 360 fanboys that just couldn't help but desperately argue that their system is better just because less users use Netflix on it. You became so hostile and defensive over my post which was directed to these wastes of bandwidth that it became pretty obvious that you are one of them.

I never said anything about the 360 being inferior or the PS3 being superior. And I certainly didn't have to use such profanity. ;) Again, my comment was simply directed to those 360 fanboys who just can't help but cry about such trivial news that somehow makes it sound like the PS3 is better. I own both consoles and a pretty kick ass PC. I use Netflix on all of them and couldn't give a rat's ass which system has more Netflix users. I'm simply blown away about how big of a deal you people are making it out to be.

That last line of yours made me laugh. You joined in 2006 yet sound like you never experienced the wonders of N4G. I'm done with you, it sickens me that I had to use my last bubble on such a girl.

_Aarix_2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

360 fanboys? Where? Above me are xbox haters. Kindom spuled bs but you guys are bashing xbl and getting agrees.

Clarence2665d ago

PS3 owners watch moves more than playing game?
464.5mil in total games sales.

We buy and play games and we watch movies. This article is giving u the facts.

"PC is in last place on netflix but has the biggest base due to more people using the PC for PC-ish things and not just media." lol your hilarious.

The pc is last because why use Netflix when you can download and burn movies from torrent sites like vuze or pirate bay.

The 360 is second place because is just now getting it's fit wet when it comes to dealing with movies after that hd drive fiasco. They had to think of something since hd DVDs are basically obsolete. So they went with streaming hd movies.

The PS3 is first because Sony stated that they wanted the PS3 to be the complete entertainment console from the beginning. Thus the blu ray drive. Movies and games on blu ray because they were thinking outside the box.

M$ is now playing catch up. Multiple DVDs for large games, and now the M$ is saying the 360 is the complete entertainment console. Last but not least
Like Godmars290 said you have to pay for xbl to use Netflix.

Well said

Anon19742665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

"PS3 is first with the smallest base because the base..."
I'm going to stop you right there. According to research, the PS3 has the bigger active base worldwide. Strategy Analytics stated back in April that the PS3 had overtaken the 360.
That would certainly help explain right there why Netflix is used more on the PS3. There aren't as many working 360's out there as there are PS3's, if you believe the research. Add to that the extra fees of XBL and it's no surprise the PS3 is used more for Netflix.

gamingdroid2665d ago

I'm pretty sure the network access fee is the biggest barrier for people to use Netflix on Xbox Live.

So no surprise there.

PimpDaddy2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )


I read the article. It's one companies analysis. No mention on how they gathered their data to determine "active" devices. Bottom line is as of June 2011 according to both companies fiscal reports, Microsoft had shipped 55 million 360's and Sony had shipped 52 million PS3's.

Read this if you want FACTS.

I know it's from VGCHARTZ but it has actual "shipment" figures from all the console manufacturers.

On topic: I won't argue which console install base uses NetFlix more. One has free online access for it's services and one does not. It's a no brainer...

TBM2665d ago

my PS3 is split 50/50 right down the middle when it comes to gaming and watching movies. it gets a complete workout, and when im not at home and wanna watch netflix ill use my droid 2(until i upgrade to the charge)

right now back to Deus Ex (awesome game btw)

MrBeatdown2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )


"*More PS3 owners watch more movies on Netflix than 360 owners*

*PS3 owners play less games and watch more movies*"

Watch what I do here. Pay close attention...

- Bob the Xbox owner plays two hours each day. Then he uses Netflix for an hour.

- Joe the PS3 owner plays two hours each day. Then he uses Netflix for an hour and a half.

See what I just did there? I just demonstrated how a PS3 and 360 user can use their consoles for gaming just as much, while the PS3 user uses Netflix more than the 360 owner.

Clean up in aisle 3. kingdom's mind has just been blown.


thats right btchez. ps3 baby.

BIGBOSS082665d ago

not as rubbish as your post.

XerockX2665d ago

I prefer to watch netflix on my 360 but I prefer to play games on my ps3. Here's my question- why Cant you see an alphabetical list of all the movies on netflix?and why is there not s random movie section? I find myself
just randomly typing letters
in the search bar just to find new stuff! Interface definately needs more options.just sayin.

I would have to disagree with this article. Ya just can't generalize people. And, netflix on the 360 has the party mode which can be fun. My son will chat with his friends while they're watching a movie . Pretty novel
but the ps3
had the netflix
search option before the 360 did. Anybody else
Notice that?

Volomon2664d ago

Condense all this into these words: PS3 has more adults. Chillins don't have credit cards.

mr.selfdestruct2664d ago

I disagree w/ that 100%. i own both ps3 and 360 and can say without a shadow of a doubt netflix works better on ps3. The 360 constantly has to turn the show off and buffer the video PS3 very rarely does.

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darthv722665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

it is in one room of the house that I can go and watch stuff. Same can be said about my 360. I use that for netflix as well cause its in another room. And i have an LG bluray with netflix in the main room which prob gets the most use.

I have yet to try it on the 3ds. My son uses my account on his pc in his room. You could say, we have almost every room covered with a netflix device including a wii in the kids play room.

Lou-Cipher2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

PS3 with Netflix = $9.99

360 with Netflix = $69.99

Microsoft makes you pay more for Netflix because of it's Fee for Xbox Live.

There are more people on PSN than there are on Xbox Live. (And alot more than Xbox Live Gold Members)

Raven_Nomad2665d ago

You must be smoking crack! People use multiple accounts on PSN. If you load up MW2 you'll see around 500k on XBL right now, almost a million on Black Ops and half a million on Reach.

There are NO games on PSN that even compare to those numbers. Sony doesn't give accurate numbers, never have, never will. I personally have around 10 PSN's, which allowed me to take advantage of all the free games, even the EU ones...suckers!

Anyway, I never see anyone on my PSN friends list on Netflix.

Also, how's Netflix party's work with PSN? Not sure they have that option, but I figure it'd be hard to pull off, maybe text chat Netflix party's?

As for claiming Netflix is $69.99 are you high? It's the same exact price as PSN's. Also, I don't know a single person who has XBL that has EVER paid $60 for XBL. Most people wait and get deals, or use Amazon.

I'm sure you complain when you pay for Cable or Satellite TV too right? I mean why pay for something that you can get for free right?

PS3 fanboys are so full of themselves...

Tanir2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

and you raven must be smokin bill gates himself, just because your friends are smarter and get xbox live for 40 on amazon doesn't mean MS's Target demographic doesn't buy them at stores, which they obviously do, by the millions.

you ignore the fact that all you have to do to use netflix on the ps3 is pay for netflix, you act like people even wanna pay 20$ a year just to access netflix.

even if xbox live was aa penny it would still cost more to access netflix, so stop smokin MS and cut your fanboyism.

man your advertising, you would think you worked for them,

Xbox fanboys, So anxious to give away money

DlocDaBudSmoka2665d ago

even if they got LIVE for a cheaper price, there is still the fact they have to be kinected(see what i did) to LIVE for netflix to play. so thats on top of the $10 monthly netflix fee. so basically your first month of netflix would cost around 20 bucks. going with the 3month live card and $10 netflix.

Lou-Cipher2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

You eithrer have an inability to read, or you are the Grand Champion of Microsoft fanboys.

Fact: PSN has more users than Xbox Live (even with the multiple accounts)

Fact: PS3 has more Netflix users.

Fact: 360 Users do have to pay $60 more(max) than the PS3 users because of the extra fee for Xbox Live.
(I know you can find deals for cheaper Xbox Live at retailers, but 360 users still have to pay alot more to access Netflix)

ipe2665d ago

butthurt troll?? I know cc 16 million online players on 55 million base is depresing from a lot stand points.
All cod titles have same number of players on psn, if u actually used it u d know.

10 psn accounts?? Hmm what for? I d give my hand on plate that u dont have them, but u must somehow defend 360.


WrAiTh Sp3cTr32665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

His math is way off, lol. Just ignore him/her and move on...

Rainstorm812665d ago

LMAO at Netflix party chat...

Yea cause i love when people talk to me during a movie...

But i personally have 5 PSN accounts 2 US UK HK & JPN for exclusive things not offered in the other regions.....why on earth would you have 10 names and how many free games can you really get.....there isnt that much free stuff on PSN to need 10 PSN names..... I smell BS!!!

darthv722665d ago

the perspective you made isnt really accurate. It probably makes sense to those who only look at the surface but you need to compensate for a few things.

You list the ps3 with netflix as being $9.99 but you didnt specify as "monthly" fee for netflix. Then you list the 360 as being $69.99. Some might look at that as being per month also. We know it isnt but you never know.

So if you broke it down on a monthly basis it would be more like 9.99 a month for ps3 and $14.99 a month for 360. Still you are right about the cost is more. I was just putting what you said into the correct perspective.

no harm no foul.

Tito082665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Raven, maybe you haven't added or have no friends on PSN, could be that since you seem very ignorant!!!!!

Netflix yearly is $120, but look, add those same $120 plus the $60 a year for Live and equals $180!!!! or someone paying the 1 month($10) and 3 months($25) it'll be $240 and $220 respectively!!!! Still more than on PS3!!!!

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Tanir2665d ago

exactly lol, but the fanboys don't know about that. they believe that the first 60 is an auto thing and that everyone falls for ms's plan and gets xbox live gold.

now a day alot of people have both systems, second, even if i didn't have a ps3, i would rather go on my PC and use netflix than pay for xbox live for another year lol

Morbius4202665d ago Show
badboy74282665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Ding ding Ding you just won a brand a new car for being the first one with the most logical answer.

"Price Is Right Music Plays"

Megaton2665d ago

The lack of an additional fee to use it certainly helps. Only one platform charges the extra fee.

49erguy2665d ago

I don't have netflix, but I do know that rewinding with my xobx controller feels like...ass. The PS3 controller is much easier to quickly rewind and ff.