DICE using Triple and Quad SLI/Crossfire for development

Dice has been using Triple SLI 580GTX systems and are suppose to use Quad SLI/Crossfire enabled system for the development of Battlefield 3. This information has been given through the twitter account of Johan Andersson in a reply to a fan.

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ATi_Elite2664d ago

Dual 590GTX and HD6990!!!!!!!!!!

What? do they plan on playing BF3 on a JumboTron in Times square?

jokes aside i really appreciate DICE taking the time to do this as there are some Gamers out there with $1500 worth of GPU power in their PC's and i'm sure they will be happy with the optimization and proper driver support!

lelo2play2663d ago

"Dual 590GTX and HD6990!!!!!!!!!!"

Big deal!!! ... they can't run facebook games.

BubbleSniper2663d ago

i am ready for BF3. i still havent bought another 580 tho. so no Tri-SLI for me

chak_2663d ago

Holy fuck, we're doomed

Vip3r2663d ago

More reason to wait and get the upcoming GPUs from Ati and Nvidia then.

C_Menz2663d ago

To bad they aren't releasing new cards this year.

Vip3r2663d ago

Which is why I said "wait"...

MidnytRain2663d ago

Can we stop linking directly to Twitter?

Orpheus2663d ago

What is the better proposed method ?

rattletop2663d ago

link to another site that has a screenshot of the tweet. i guess that's what he wants lol

MidnytRain2663d ago

Anyone who doesn't have a Twitter account can't view the page.

annus2663d ago


So how come I can view it? I don't have a twitter...

Boody-Bandit2663d ago

I'm rocking dual EVGA GTX 590 Classifieds so I'm good to go.

Marcus Fenix2663d ago

1 thing I wish they've added to the GTX 590s was more SLI connectors so u can connect 4 whole cards of those, that machine would make earth melt, also u r a rich bastard btw.

Boody-Bandit2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I'm not rich but I do have a fair amount of disposable income that goes primarily to my gaming hobby. I spend roughly 10k per year on gaming but that includes hardware (new displays, sound, PC, perps and games). This year though I am probably going to go well over that yearly budget by about 5 additional K. I am doing a lot of upgrades.

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