Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3: Un-needed Flame Wars

This has come too far. Many a-time when two brand new games of similar genre are launching, the fans of the game start up a war between which is better. Most recent case would be between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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multips3fan2640d ago

bf3 will be mostly for hardcore and mw3 will be mostly for casuals which is why mw3 will outsell bf3 no problem

BulletToothtony2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

i dunno if your logic applies.. there will be a lot more people playing mw3 a lot more hours than there will be on BF3
Does that mean that is better? No it means that people like different things.. i dunno why some people can't seem to get a hold of that.
I consider myself hardcore gamer since i play around 40+ hours a week and i love the fast pace of the MW franchise.
It's about time that people on this site stop hating on mw3 cause is the cool thing to do.
I bet that over 80% of these people saying that cod sucks will buy mw3 they just trying to be cool

multips3fan2640d ago

if u read my comment carefully you wil see that im not hating on mw3 .im just saying that mw3 already has a huge intall base that are casual friendly ppl like kids.bf3 will be great but mw3 will be in top by millions because is a game were my 7 year bro can pick up the controller n killstreaks get 50% of the kills for him

dark-hollow2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

It's funny how people say this game is mostly for kids and casual blah blah while the most talented players are usually teens.

I mean those "kids" are usually better than grown up "hardcorez"

EmperorDalek2640d ago

I completed Demon's Souls, got the platinum for Fallout 3 after 126 hours of gameplay and played 1943 and BC2 for around 200 hours in total. I prefer COD over BF, (by a small amount) so am I a casual gamer?

Jack_DangerousIy2640d ago

Lol. I like that you needed to justify yourself. Don't give in. IDC what you play or don't play. Play it, and love it. No need to get so defensive. Just be cool.

dark-hollow2640d ago

dont get me wrong.
BF3 for me all the way but since when battlefield is "hardcore"?
Did you play ARMA II?

JellyJelly2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Is ARMA more fun than Battlefield? Who cares if it's hardcore or not?

ilikegam3s2640d ago

Un-needed flame wars:
There is 4 options:
1: Get both
2: Both games are good in their own way
3: Get whatever one suits you best
4: One day, you will eventually play/buy both of them


Jack_DangerousIy2640d ago

Yeah.... Although I agree(I think) with what you are trying to say.... Those "4" options really don't differentiate from each other enough to make sense.

Get Both

They are both good

Buy both....

Quite a range of options... ;)

gcolley2640d ago

didn't play black ops, won't play mw3. not interested in the MP so no point because SP is possibly as boring as tetris to me. how about a SP campaign that lets you make a decision for once. at least i want to play the BF3 MP because the SP has become the same linear rubbish as CoD. the MP at least evolves.

i'm at the stage in my gaming where i no longer buy games because everyone else does, which is what your options indicate you do. the industry just doesn't deserve my money so much anymore, much like the movie industry.

hiredhelp2640d ago

Hey" dont knock good old tetris..

Laypoof2640d ago

They're obviously un-need when it's 'obvious' that BF3 is the 'much' superior game.

Angrymorgan2640d ago

Oh no u didn't! (head wobbles)

Miiikeyyy2640d ago

It's funny how you get dissagrees. Shows how blind people really are. Look at Battlefield 3 and you'll see a shitload of new features. Look at MW3 and it looks like MW2.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2640d ago

Getting both. As a massive Fps Gamer i get most of the Fps games that release every year and it would be foolish to miss two of which will likely be the contenders of best fps of 2011.

PixL2640d ago

Both games have a similar format (FPS) but are very much different in terms of gameplay. You like COD if you follow the old, good Quake scheme - spawn, run around, find another player, whoever has better reflexes - wins. BF is for people who play for objectives, teams, know how to change weapons for their advantage during 1:1 encounters. Experience means a lot in BF and not so much in COD. By experience I mean 300+ or 500+ hours of gameplay.

I'm probably about twice older than most COD players. I know that my reflexes can't compare to those of a teenager, no matter how much I try. That's why I don't play those quick reflex games like COD, Resistance, Halo, etc. However, my 800 hours in BF give me an edge over most people in the game and I'm winning most of the time. That's why I play it, I'll play shitloads of BF3, buy every DLC they sell and spend many hundreds of hours there.

On the other hand, I don't plan to buy any COD game in foreseeable future, anyway not until they improve the engine and change the game to be more team oriented. I don't care if it sells 30 or 50 millions. If you like it, buy it and play. There's no way you can talk me into it. Why would I play something which gives me no enjoyment?

Nadasico2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

See the same way you feel about cod I feel the opposite about BC2. I felt like I needed to organize a raid party size team just to be guarantee success. An that is frustrating when I just want to hop on and have some fun. There is no fun in getting shot from random campers with spec kit weapons and fmj. Also getting easily spawn trapped on a number of maps is no fun either. Which is why BC2 brought me no enjoyment and like you I wouldn't play it again.

Besides a new engine and a take on Modern Warfare's spec ops mode I really don't see BF doing anything different then it already has before. So I don't anticipate BF3 changing my mind about the series but I will reserve judgement until I have a crack at it.

That fast pace gameplay you've come to not like is what I love. I've become a much better cod player then I ever was and learned to control the flow of combat. Rather than run around aimlessly like so many people mention cod is played. To have a really good handle on things all I usually need is one other good person and that is another thing I love. There have been plenty of times I just want to get on and get it in for a bit and hop off. The modern warfare series at least, gives me that but I'm not saying it is without its faults either.

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