Video: PS Vita menu works great

We all know that we PS Vita will be a great device from Sony. The OS of the PS Vita will also be great, we've got a video for you which shows this.

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himdeel2643d ago

I want Infinity Blade on the Vita.

MaxXAttaxX2642d ago

Dude is kinda terrible with the touchscreen. He kept missing the buttons and pressing the edges. lol

Noctis Aftermath2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I have to agree.

This guy seems like he's never used a touch screen in his life, watching the video was like watching my tech illiterate nanna trying to use a touch screen, give it to someone who has a smartphone FFS.

I havent logged into N4G in ages, but i had to just for this.

sinncross2642d ago

Infinity blade will most likely be there. S syite is mesnt toxbe q dedicated portal for game suport on android. The games are also meant to work wth the vita.

farhad2k82642d ago

The screen was a little titled due to the camera, I think the guys point of view was different to ours, therefore he was messing up.

The VITA looks beautiful though. 1st day buy for me!!
Can't wait any longer :( :(

zoks3102643d ago

The wait is killing me Sony.

haymoza2643d ago

I wouldn't mind fingering it myself, if ya know what I mean.

ofx3602643d ago

My god......That UI looked terrible!

Ser2643d ago

Looked pretty good to me. What was so terrible?

Caleb_1412643d ago

Maybe it was just the fact that he had to go back to the screen with the bubble buttons before he could flick upwards with his finger to access that screen lower down? Did seem quite unwieldy but could easily be rectified by just enabling the movement to access that screen on all other screens (if that makes sense?).

Looks like a fantastic piece of hardware though, I only wish I wasn't spending all my hard earned money on saving for university, haha j/k.

vyke32642d ago

your name says it all....

TheGamingArt2642d ago

Looks like an amazing improvement to me

i_da_pappy2643d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.