Razer announces a $2800 underpowered gaming laptop. The debate is on

Today Razer announced the Blade laptop, a $2800 highly-designed machine that crams some neat tech into a thin and light form factor. Join Icrontic reporters in discussion about this controversial move.

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SylvieBarak2644d ago

Question is, Is this the best "razer" a man can get ;)

siliticx2644d ago

Pc Gaming is not dead - it's just extremely costy.

psyxon2644d ago

It's really not... If you can't afford a $2500 PC, the price of a great gaming PC, you probably shouldn't be buying games every 3-4 months. I can afford that and I'm a college student.

psyxon2644d ago

I work in tech support at a company called Volt making $12 an hour. I'm also a freelance application developer, going to school for my BSCS.

siliticx2644d ago

Sorry bro, i bought a computer, worth 1.2k 1 year and a half ago. Now if i want to Play BF3 at a frame rate that's higher than 10 on low, i have to dish out 800 for a new one.

My PS3 tho, costed me around 400 4 years ago and still lasts.

iamgoatman2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


That's the biggest load of rubbish I've read in some time. If a $1200 PC wouldn't be able to run BF3 on low then how to do expect your PS3 to run it, which is essentially a mid range PC from 2006 and WAY below what is even considered minimum these days.

This of course is assuming you actually bought a PC for that price in the first place, which I somehow doubt. What did you do, get tricked by some sales assistant at PC world into buying some pre-build e-machines crap? Give us a list of the specs just so we know you're either lying or an idiot.

Judging by your agrees It looks like the console gamers have found this article is lightning fast time!

dark-hollow2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Intel core 2 duo 30£
Geforce gtx 430 50£
DVD driver 10£
Samsung 250GB HDD 30£
Any decent power supply and motherboard 70£
Casing 10£-50£ depending on the materials

Here you go you can build a gaming pc that run better than consoles and still cost around 200£

And sure other people have better setups for cheap.

TheIneffableBob2644d ago

A $2500 computer would be on the highest-end of the high-end spectrum. Nobody really buys computers that expensive.

A typical gaming computer nowadays will run you roughly $600 and will do most games on high settings.

To say PC gaming is expensive is like saying the PS3 has no games and the Xbox 360 red rings all the time.

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Shackdaddy8362644d ago

I want it but there is no way I will pay 28 hundred for it. If they lower the price to say 10 hundred and my current laptop broke on me then I might consider it. I mean, Alienware is even cheaper than this...

byeGollum2644d ago

you can get similar specs for much less with Alienware.
Although I wouldn't condone either razer or alienware, Just sayin'

kevnb2644d ago

I condone alienware, their laptops perform better than similar machines with higher specs. Good cooling and good motherboards matter.

iamgoatman2644d ago

"for much less with Alienware."

Now THATS something you never hear anyone say! Leave it to Razor though to go mental with the pricing.

NYC_Gamer2644d ago

100% rip would be better off buying the msi gt780.

jeeves862644d ago

Ten hundred is 1000. And there's no way they'd charge $1000 for this.

Codeman4202644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Though i can agree this thing is nice i dont think its worth the 2800$. the current laptop i have is better and cost me about half of that. but its a nice start for a good company.

El_Colombiano2644d ago

Under powered? That site is full of retards. Stay away from tech if you don't understand it. Look at how thick that laptop is and look at the specs.

Codeman4202644d ago

the only thing thats considered under powered, and this is my opinion. is the CPU they should have stuck a quad in there then it may have justified its $2800 price tag but a dual core is just hold this thing back.

psyxon2644d ago

>size of laptop

Nice try. For its price, it is highly underpowered. Very nice on the eyes though.

El_Colombiano2644d ago

You definitely need to take the profile into consideration. Ignoring the size is foolish.

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