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Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Quest for Lightning trailer analysed

The latest Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer treats players to a plethora of new footage. This trailer analysis looks at some of the new reveals, whilst looking at some things you might have missied. (Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Xbox 360)

vglulz  +   1464d ago
Looks awesome!
Dan_Vivian  +   1464d ago
I did like the original Final Fantasy 13, so this shouldn't be much different. I am still impressed with the graphics as well. Great analysis mate, enjoyed it and I hope everything holds true
Magnus  +   1464d ago
Dear SquareEnix,

Where is Final Fantasy Vs 13 I have been waiting patiently for that game. You tease the fans with screen shots and videos of the game. But I don't see any new information on the game like a release date its as thoe the hype for Final Fantasy Vs 13 is almost fizzled down. You worked hard on this sequal to FF13 wich does look great. But SquareEnix its not game I have been waiting for please bring out new information about Final Fantasy Vs 13 that would be great or this fan is going else where.
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slaton24  +   1464d ago
dude i want it to but be like me be patient it will come...FF13 took 4 years to come out so maybe after this early 2013 we will see FFVs13
slaton24  +   1464d ago
damn that trailer looked like a final fantasy game not like a wow was that suppose to be final fantasy...most defiantly will be gettin this game it looked amazing from the trailer..oh and i dont care what no body saids about FF13 so far every FF game I have played I have really enjoyed including crystal chronicles and dirge of cerberus
iamtehpwn  +   1464d ago
Lol. The whole Snow thing was a localization error:

She refers to him as a 大事な人, which literally means "Important person", which a much more ambiguous meaning than friend--although both texts imply that her and Snow may have not yet married.

I hope this clears things up for some people.
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hintonmj  +   1463d ago
It wasn't an error. Square is meticulous with their translations now, they are doing the English and Japanese simultaneously, so the words are saying exactly what Square wanted to convey in English.
nickjkl  +   1463d ago
im pretty sure they changed the wording of some lines in a few trailers
E3 2011

"my friends buried here she died running form the purge this is her grave"

Quest for lightning

"its my friends she died here running from the purge"
Kaizin514  +   1464d ago
Maybe it's just me, but I got a small glimpse at Hope, and he looks older, or at least, more matured, he may actually be a pretty neat character.

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Xof  +   1464d ago
I lost all interest in the game when I learned Lightning wasn't the main character. Serah? Really? Way to pick the least interesting cast member this side of Snowe.

And it sure doesn't help that they're recycling the same "battle system..." ulgh.
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Neko608  +   1464d ago
I really hoped this game would build on what FFXIII did right and change the things it didn't... looks to be on the right track :)
elda  +   1464d ago
I personally loved FF-XIII,it had some flaws but overall I enjoyed playing it,I loved the battle system the best yet,down to graphics & I really enjoyed the soundtrack,best composed music I've heard in any videogame! FF-XIII-2 already looks equally fun,it may be even better.The haters may disagree with my comment but I can't wait to play this game!!
BigDollarZoe954  +   1464d ago
This Game is looking to be something great listening to the fans keep up the work Square Enix

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