Top 5 Sequels We Didn't Need

Like it or not, sequels are a staple of the video game industry. A well-done sequel can expand a successful concept, reboot a flagging franchise, fix the glaring flaws of an original game, or even revive a series years after it's been presumed dead. Here are five that did none of the above—sequels so pointless we might have been better off without them.

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newn4gguy2606d ago

Devil May Cry 2 was GOOOOOOD! I'm sorry. The only thing it lacked was a story. Lol. The action was beefed up, the bosses were more epic, there was a much greater variety of enemy, we got two full campaigns, and Ultimate Devil Trigger was freaking cool!

I'm sorry. It's a great game. I find myself wanting to play it constantly. No, it's not Devil May Cry 3...but how many games are as good as Devil May Cry 3? Seriously.

thugbob2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

FF X-2 and FF13-2, sequels we didn't need and won't need.

Yes, I can predict the future.

Hicken2606d ago

Didn't everybody cry for a sequel to X? Wasn't everybody SOOOO happy when they heard it was coming out? You can look back now and say, "Well, I guess we didn't need that game," but you sure as hell did before it dropped.

TheRichterBelmont2605d ago

XIII-2 didn't need a sequel, Squeenix should have just let it die and give us FFVXIII already.

Megaton2605d ago

I like X-2. Wanna fight about it?

Hicken2605d ago

Believe what you want, but XIII-2 wasn't supposed to be a sequel in the first place.

VsXIII (not VXIII) will get here when it gets here. XIII-2 didn't slow its production down any at all. Or do you really think that after all those years making XIII, they were suddenly able to pump out a sequel from scratch in not even two whole years?

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sich922606d ago

you're giving both games more than they deserve... the weapons sucked in DMC2..dante himself....well not as bad as the new one but still...not DANTE :/

how many better than DMC3? well honestly ps2 alone had many... but it's awesome nontheless

newn4gguy2606d ago

And can we add Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode Two to that list? Nobody wants it because nobody liked Episode One. It was terrible! Luckily, Sonic Generations plays much better. I loved the demo!

manumit2606d ago

I actually want Episode 2, I loved EP 1, and yeah the Sonic Gen demo was so freaking fun.

OT: Re 5 was a bit odd for the RE's. I loved Code Veronica!

Skateboard2606d ago

I don't get how Resident Evil 4 was so much better then 5, Really? They are both the same games. I didn't find 4 or 5 scary, they were action movies with some horror elements.

Hate how 4 gets praised when it wasn't a true Resident Evil either.

Reibooi2606d ago

Ok first off aside from perhaps the first 3 games no RE game gets praised just because it's a RE game.

RE4 was praised not because it was a "True RE" but because at the time of it's release it was like nothing else on the market. It was a extremely solid 3rd person shooter with a good creepy atmosphere and great bosses. Most 3rd person games before then had not be able to accomplish what RE4 did and that along with the incredible production values made the game incredibly popular and put it on the map.

Now jump forward a generation and we get Gears of War and Uncharted. 2 games that are 3rd person action games that moved the genre forward in a massive way. The genre had evolved and when RE 5 came out it played almost exactly the same way RE4 did and while RE4 was a masterpiece at the time it has extremely dated mechanics even though it really isn't that old. This along with other issues like the terrible AI made folks hate on RE5. Is RE5 a bad game? No it's still a pretty good game. Did it have the same impact as RE4? No and it never will. RE4 did something to a genre that had never been done before while RE5 rested on it's laurels. Capcom needed to push the boundaries with RE5 and they failed to do that.

Again it doesn't mean RE5 is a terrible game or anything. It simply means it didn't have the impact of RE4 and people will always remember games that made a impact in a positive light.

EditorAtGNG2605d ago

The co-op and Mercenaries mode were great though ;)

Spitfire_Riggz2605d ago

Aside from the first 3 games? Thats pretty much the whole resident evil library! The crap thats coming out now is not resident evil. I refuse to call it by that name.

spacedelete2606d ago

" I don't get how Resident Evil 4 was so much better then 5, Really? They are both the same games. I didn't find 4 or 5 scary, they were action movies with some horror elements. Hate how 4 gets praised when it wasn't a true Resident Evil either."

you are scum. if you had actually played resi 4 you would know it was a masterpiece. resi 5 even though it was similar in style and control was nothing like resi 4.

OdinFallen2606d ago

And you sir fail at life. RE4 was a great game in itself but a horrible addition to the Resident Evil Universe. You contradict yourself too, you say RE5 was NOTHING like 4, which implies absolutely no similarities, but they were similar as you sated in style and control. FAIL.

Don't hate because you don't like someone else's opinion. What are you, twelve years old?

Fez2606d ago

RE5 was the natural progression from 4. I don't know how you can love 4 and absolutely hate 5? 4 was praised for the brilliant action, so allow you to play with a friend, get rid of the slow weapon change and there you have it, RE5.

Plus Kotor 2 was awesome.

Skateboard2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I actually played RE4 a lot on my PS2. The acting for RE4 and Re5 are the same thing and Los Plagas and Uroboros are the same thing too.

The hypocrisy is funny, " I hate Resident Evil 5 that game is garbage". What is your favorite Resident Evil? "My favorite is 4".

Lol, get over your crush for Leon.

jeeves862605d ago

I love the RE series, and I write for a survival horror website. What you're saying is the absolute truth. I like RE5 more than I do 4 now. RE4 is so over-hyped, it's a good game, but after it's been re-released so many damn times, it's lost its appeal.

Neko6082606d ago

Whatever, I had a freakin blast with RE5 and got the platinum trophy.


perdie2606d ago

Me too. IT was so satisfying getting that platinum trophy. I truly had some great memories on this game playing co op.

vickers5002606d ago

Agreed. It was one of the most fun co-op games I've ever played.

Walrus2605d ago

No joke. Once I put enough hours into resi5 it became my favorite game this generation.
Everything except the El Gigante on professional was a friggin blast

TheRichterBelmont2605d ago

Great post. I don't understand why RE5 is blasted so much. Good to see some love for it, I loved it for it's Wesker-tastic cheese as well. :D

vortis2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Wesker is/was one of the most original baddies in gaming. He was classy, cool, collected and he didn't go off yelling and screaming and being some strange old guy or some over-the-top clown.

I think I liked Wesker in RE5 more than I did Chris or any of the good guys.

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