Driver: San Francisco - Ford GT Gameplay

GameSpot goes for a cruise in a Ford GT in Driver: San Francisco.

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S_C2665d ago

Think this will be a rent for me, i enjoyed the demo but just dont think it has the long term playable factor for it to be a purchase

S_C2665d ago

Will i still be able to play online if i rent ?

Gray-Fox-Type02665d ago

is it me why is the game so brown?

Miths2665d ago

I finally got around to playing the demo today, and based on that it's unlikely I would consider getting this game. A lot of the other demo feedback I've read has been downright negative.
However, given the surprisingly high review scores so far, I guess I might give a try.

Shame there's no steering wheel support though - even another ultra arcade racer like Motorstorm Apocalypse has just added that, and the implementation is surprisingly good.

soundslike2665d ago

at first I really liked it, but the driving handling just doesn't have that same skilled nuance of the previous Drivers and Stuntman games..

they sold out to burnout/nfs :/

Quagmire2664d ago

My god, Stuntman!

I loved the game on PS3, so damn epic, but then like Red Faction and Juiced, THQ decided to can the series.

I wish they made another one.

Xenial2665d ago

Seems like a pretty solid game to me, i'll pick up later sometime. I got to drive the Ford GT in the demo. It was cool.

MaximusPrime2665d ago

terrible driving in that video.

still a buy for me

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