Gamescom: Prey 2 - Daring To Be Different, But For The Better? (Hooked Gamers)

Anyone who has played Prey will remember it as a surprisingly fresh shooter. Its gripping Cherokee protagonist Tommy, innovative environmental puzzles and unique spiritual powers made traipsing around the slimy alien Sphere a worthwhile experience. The news that Prey 2 would be dropping all of these features caused something of an outrage, but before condemning the title to a fate worse than hell, consider that Human Head Studios are out to maintain the fresh feeling of its predecessor rather than lazily create another 'more-of-the-same' sequel.

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gravemaker2607d ago

i think Prey 2 will be Deus Ex style game
at least i hope it will...

Cpt_kitten2607d ago

yeah prolly a lot faster pace though

not saying slow is bad i try stealh as much as possible in deus