GameSpot: Driver: San Francisco Video Review

GameSpot's Mark Walton goes from body to body in his review of Driver: San Francisco.

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zoks3102607d ago

Copy paste from written review.

Wow they had some great things to say about this reboot. Go to see they never gave up on the series.
I would come home after class back in the day and totally rape the 1st Driver, driving around the cities yanking on the hand brakes at the last sec, pulling off all kinds of stunts.
Loved the LA level with those big ass hills, man that was a fun game.

OcelotRigz2606d ago

Similar experiences myself with Driver back in the day, it was such a great game, everyone loved it at the time.
Played the demo for this one, it was ok, i wouldn't buy it but that's because im not into driving games nowadays. But it deserves huge credit for being innovative and bringing something new to a well worn genre.

e-p-ayeaH2606d ago

This game as a very fun multiplayer.

dkgshiz2606d ago

Jesus...a good Driver game?! Who would of known?!

MaximusPrime2606d ago

really good video review. glad i preordered one. i enjoyed the demos.