How PS3 Trophies unlock & My glitched Trophies []

Being the world's Number 1 (non-hacking or multi) Platinum Trophy Hunter, it is obvious that you would have the hater's out there accusing me of hacking and using exploits to achieve such a large number of trophies. The following is an explanation of how trophies, but appear to be completed at unrealistic amount of time and dates. This article is to to clear the names of my fellow honest trophy hunter's. enjoy.

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Criminal2615d ago

10,000 bronze trophies! Wow, that's impressive.

beastgamer2615d ago

this is how i got socom confrontation platinum

gaffyh2614d ago

One of my Wipeout trophies glitched, the one where you have to do like 50 zones or something. I've gone above that so many times, and the trophy doesn't unlock. :(

Kleptic2614d ago

Are you sure you are doing the exact requirements? I have a lot of friends with the platinum, and I know some of the zone trophies require only using air breaks, or only sixaxis controls. If you bump the analog at all, you wont get it. I thought the only normal zone trophy was reach 75, anything lower required funny shit. Cant remember though.

Hellsvacancy2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

"that's impressive" sounds like the dude has NO life to me, i game enough, and work full time, hav about 2500 trophies (ten platinums)

He must of played games like Hannah Montana and those silly dance games to get that many trophies, wtf is wrong with people, id hate to game that much, i dont play ANY game just for the sake of it

mafiahajeri2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

You dont approve his lifestyle? why do you care? Its his life let him do whatever he wants. Also who are you to talk about people not having lives? for all you know he could have good time managment to fit everything in.

Im pretty sure your life is sooo exciting you dont have time for anything! /sarcasm

egidem2614d ago

I know, right? And I though my 808 bronze trophies, 187 silver, 52 gold and 11 platinums were da bomb...

Twizlex2615d ago

Must be a popular article because the site won't load for me :/

Sandmano2615d ago


and it is close to 15k trophies now :P

maybe try another browser might work?

Twizlex2614d ago

Loaded right up that time :)

Geez, didn't think it was worth "disagreeing" over, haha!

Sandmano2615d ago

man trophies > then achievimiaej beh beh lol. :P
PS3 has rock stars celebrity trophy hunters

mafiahajeri2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

dude relax no compassion...

egidem2614d ago

I find the achievement score to be just a meaningless number. It says nothing about your skill. You can have 5,000 achievement points for playing only 5 games, each with 1000 points and collecting every one of them. You could also have 10,000 points for playing various games and probably not even finishing a single one of those. The person with 10,000 would mean more skill than the one with 5,000: which might be untrue!

Trophies are much better in my opinion. The only good thing about achievements is that they unlock instantly and sync automatically as well, but that's just a design related thing.

TheUnspokenDream2615d ago

Lol, He Pays People to Play and Plat games on his account, All level 50 are cheaters, You can go to NGU where, user Buys Plats for a certain Price.

Tired2615d ago

NGU? Non-gonococcal Urethritis? Urgh!

Sandmano2615d ago

wah this is my last bubble but hey. bro basically he goes to uni and plays play station 80-90% of his time is playing games and the rest with his friends and family. I really wish u would come to Bahrain and i would show you his life style and your welcome to stay at his house. and please if you aint got proof of your claims of his cheating then is there any point of the argument? :)

Tired2615d ago

He could well be right, many people there lead very privilaged lifestyles.

If you didn't have to work....what would you do?
Yup play playstation!

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